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Backyard Brawl - Brawl for Damian

This year we are Brawling for Damian! 

Damian Markham is the most adorable two-year-old battling to become the first child EVER to survive Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency (ASMD) aka Nieman-Pick type A! This is a devastating fatal genetic disorder and he is currently not expected to live past age 5. But a treatment is on the horizon, and with enough awareness and funding, we can fast-track the clinical trial that could potentially save Damian’s life and the lives of ALL children affected by this disease! Damian is the bravest, strongest, sweetest little guy but he is growing weaker every day.

The following information was taken from the Wyldernation.org web page:

“Niemann Pick Disease (NPD) is a rare lysosomal storage disease caused by deficient activity of acid sphingomyelinase (ASM) and the accumulation of sphingomyelin (SM). SM is an essential lipid component of all cell membranes, and makes up about 30% of all membrane lipids. ASM is required to maintain the proper metabolism of this essential lipid within lysosomes. The breakdown of SM by ASM also produces ceramide, an important bioactive lipid that regulates many cell stress responses. As such, SM has a dual role in cells to maintain the proper structure of membranes and as a precursor of ceramide. The underlying defect in NPD is the inability to breakdown SM due to mutations in the gene that produces ASM (SMPD1), leading to the accumulation of this lipid in virtually all cell types of the body and the resultant clinical manifestations of the disease.” (Wyldernation.org)

Our campaign is #SaveDamian, but we are trying to fund a clinical treatment for all the children suffering from this disease. Normally, it would take billions of dollars to fund a medication or treatment. But we are only asking for 3 million dollars. This will fund the gene therapy for ALL the children suffering from this horrible disease! Currently, there are approximately 5-10 children in the USA and about 200 worldwide suffering from Neiman-Pick Type A. Your help with saving Damian is immensely appreciated!

This years Backyard Brawl's mission is to help raise money to save this sweet boy and other children all over the world. As of now, these kids have a disease that CAN NOT be cured BUT we can help make it possible to SAVE these children! $2-3 million dollars is within our reach, and will give these kids a chance to survive!

Our goal is to spread the word, be a voice for the family, and raise money in the process!

The Backyard Brawl is not your typical CrossFit Competition. It's about meeting new people, creating relationships with your partner, and growing as a community!

How it works 

  1. You sign up! You can tell us what division you think you're in but sometime we make an executive decision, and place you where you should be:)
  2. The week before we do a LIVE drawing on The Farm page for your partner. That's right, all partners will be done at random:)
  3. We compete, have fun, and RAISE MONEY!!


Join us Saturday, October 16th for a day of sweat, friends, and a little fitness!


$80 with a T-shirt
$60 without a T-shirt
*with an option to donate more
**Financial Assistance Available  - Our goal is to include EVERYONE so PLEASE if you need financial assistance contact Bethany at bexlinebcf@gmail.com

The deadline to register and receive a shirt is Thursday, September 23rd. Registration by this date includes a shirt. After that date you have until Friday, October 8th at 5pm to register but you will not get one of the RAD competition shirts.  


Teams will be of the same sex and consist of two people: one CrossFit Vet (RX athletes, advanced athletes, athletes who can do most movements) and one CrossFit MOD (new athletes, athletes who need to modify most movements). We are also thrilled to be adding a Teen Division this year (how we match up the teens will depend on our pool of teens who sign-up)! The catch... you don't get to pick partner. Luck of the draw is the name of the game!

Teams will be drawn from two jars, one will be filled with CrossFit Vet and the other with CrossFit MOD athletes. The lottery will be live on Facebook, date and time TBA

Comp Details

More day of details will be coming out soon!

Judges and Help

Can't compete but want to help? No problem, we need judges! Please contact Bethany at bexlinebcf@gmail.com if you're interested in judging or helping with the event.

Shirts for SALE

Can't come(pete) but want a shirt? No problem, just fill out the form below with the shirt kind and size you want. Shirt orders are due no later than Thursday, September 23rd. 

Event Link

To stay up on the latest details please visit Facebook Event Page

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