Strength Enhancement

Key Benefits of Building Strength:

Do you want to:
• Lift Heavier Loads
• Have Faster WOD Times
• Increase Muscle Mass
• Increase Bone Density
• Increase Work Capacity
• Increase Foundational Base of Strength

By increasing your base of strength, you can become a better athlete in your sport. An increase in strength can also make performing daily tasks much easier. Strength development can improve performance both inside and outside of the gym. Unleash your body's potential through building the strongest version of yourself by being consistent and dedicated.

Get Pumped Like Rich!

Program Dates:

Spring Cycle:
February 7th through April 29th
  • First come with payment secures spot.
  • There are only 18 spots so don't delay in registering.


Monday's at 6:30pm
Thursday's at 6:30pm
Saturday's at 9am (This is a normal class but the strength portion of the class is part of your weekly programming) 
  • You are not allowed to do your strength program during regular CrossFit classes. 


BCF Members $75 per cycle

Non-BCF Members $150 per cycle

Please note there will be no refunds. This is not a revolving door class, it's a cycle. 

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