"A Community that SWEATS Together, STAYS Together."

We want to provide a safe, encouraging, and positive environment for adults, kids, and athletes of all ages to learn, improve, and reach their health and fitness goals. Most importantly we want to be a place that people leave healthier and happier than when they walked in.

April Athlete of the Month- Ali Asman

Tell us a little about yourself and family- Hobbies, interests, where
you grew up, occupation, etc.

Well hi there! A little about myself: I grew up on what I like to jokingly refer to as a “Hippie
Farm” out in Gales Creek. The love I have for the outdoors stemmed from my childhood days
romping around outside, toes in the dirt, playing with our goats and chickens, gardening,
exploring the acres of woods and using my wild imagination as I constructed elaborate fairy
houses under the full moon. I currently live with my mother, husband, and spunky toddler back
out in my childhood home. We made the decision to move and help my mom out on the property
after my father passed away last February and it has been such a blessing to be back out in the
country. Besides anything to do with the outdoors, I love cooking and baking, long drives, being a
carefree weirdo (or at least, I try to be), spending time with my family and friends, creating (art,
music, writing), lifting heavy S!*%, and trying to always have a positive outlook on life.
I currently work as a Personal Support worker for someone on the Autism spectrum. I also
nanny. I was a teacher before I became a mom but do not think I will be going back into that
profession. After we’re done having kids I want to pursue going back to school for physical

How did you hear about BCF and what made you want to join?

After we moved out here in May last year, I knew I wanted to find some kind of group exercise
experience. I randomly found a Groupon for BCF and decided to try it out for a month. I didn’t
know anyone who went to the box and was apprehensive at first but after the first day I was
HOOKED and the rest is history!

What motivates you to come to the box week after week?

I think what motivates me the most, besides the amazing community and coaches we are blessed
with, is the excitement and mental/physical pump I get from seeing just how hard I can push
myself. I love those insane workouts that make you feel like you’re dying, lungs screaming,
muscles numb from exhaustion, and the inevitable feeling of accomplishment and strength that
comes after.

What are your goals? Personal, professional, and/or athletic?

Short term: Feeling confident enough to take my shirt off during a workout as well as handstand
walking by the end of summer! And maybe some muscle ups somewhere in there too.
Long term: Compete! And on the professional level, I dream about going back to school and
getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. CrossFit helped me realize this dream as well!

What is your favorite lift, movement or WOD? Least Favorite?

Any type of grunt work. The heavier the better! And Deadlifts.
Least favorite? Long cardio WODs

What is your proudest CF moment?

Probably competing in the CrossTown ThrowDown after only being at the box for a couple
months. I had the best partner (shoutout to Coach Ally) and could not have asked for a better first
time experience! It made me itch for more.

What is one tip you would give someone who is interested in CrossFit
or new to CrossFit?

Honestly, less thinking, more doing. It’s one of those things that you just need to dive into. If I
had let fear or overthinking get to me I may not have had the courage to come here by myself, and I would have missed out on what has turned into a life changing and wonderful

Biggest impact CrossFit has made in your life?

CrossFit has made me feel more confident than I ever have before. It has helped me overcome so
much body image struggle I’ve had since my daughter was born 2.5 years ago. I’ve met the best
people here and could not imagine life without the Farm!

Free write: (anything else you want to mention or say)

What the community at BCF has done for not just me, but everyone who walks through the doors
is beyond a blessing. I cannot thank the Exlines enough for the work, care, and love they put into
the Farm and it does not go unnoticed. Although, we are all experiencing some crazy times full of
uncertainty, the solid connection, sense of community, dedication to excellence and genuine life-
force that is life at BCF is shining powerfully. I can’t wait to see just how far I can go with the
box as my backbone!

πŸ”₯Topic: Barbell Etiquette


Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to load and unload a barbell? 

As you’re increasing weight on the barbell please always have the heaviest plates on the inside. Yes, unfortunately this means sometimes having to completely deload the bar to replace that weight with a larger plate. 

For unloading the first side, please lift the barbell slightly off the ground and push the plates off and away from you. Unloading the other side gets much easier by simply standing the barbell up and letting the plates slide off. 

Please avoid as best as possible having a lot of skinny plates on the bar. For example, once you’re increasing weight from having a 15 and 10 next to each other, it’s time to replace those plates with a 25. πŸ˜€

Did you know you’re defeating the purpose of using clips at all, by not putting them tight to the plates?

Clips help the plates stay in place, and minimize a weight-shift while a lift is being performed. Get those clips as tight to the plates as you can! The rounded side of the clips should be facing away from the plates. This allows the plates to snuggle a little harder.

If you’ve ever almost thrown an adult tantrum trying to get clips on or off a barbell, don’t worry, you’re not alone. To easily slide clips on or off a barbell, simply pinch the handles together with one hand and use your other hand to guide the collar on/off the bar.

Did you know there is a preferred order and amount of plates per rack along the ski erg wall?

Did you know every time coaches hear an empty barbell hit the floor, we die a little bit inside?

Jokes aside, an empty barbell coming into abrupt contact with the floor should be avoided at all costs. Every time an empty barbell is dropped, the inner workings of it do die a little bit. Please help us as best as you can maintain the integrity of our equipment!

If you did not know these things... now you do! πŸ˜€ 


On the topic of keeping equipment germ-free, please do not directly spray the equipment with cleaner, but rather spray a towel and then wipe the equipment down. This is particularly important with barbells, if cleaning sprays get into the bearings it will destroy the bars.