"A Community that SWEATS Together, STAYS Together."

We want to provide a safe, encouraging, and positive environment for adults, kids, and athletes of all ages to learn, improve, and reach their health and fitness goals. Most importantly we want to be a place that people leave healthier and happier than when they walked in.

Wednesday April 30, 2014


1 RM B. Squat

5 Rounds
100 M Sprint

Today will be Steph's last day with us as she is setting of on a new adventure in Lexington Kentucky. She was part of our faithful 6:30pm crew. Always smiling and full of fun, we will miss her but are excited for her as she launches into a exciting new adventure!
If you come back to the great Northwest for a visit, you better come say hi to your BCF Family:)
Good Luck and Safe Travels! 

Tuesday April 29, 2014


Partner Sand Bag Carries


Buy In 200M Run

9 Rounds
7 Push Press (135/95/75)
7 T2B (95/75/55)

Buy Out 200M Run

Having a Little Fun After Class...Do We Really Ever Grow Up?

Monday April 28, 2014


4 x 8 Barbell Row

3 x 6 Turkish Get Ups



DL (225/135)

Two Boy's Pushing To Make Each Other Better! 
Nice Work You Too!

Do you have someone that pushes you?...Tyler and Ryan can be complete goof balls at times in class and sometimes we even have to add some extra burpees to get all the goofiness out of them for the day. But when that count down begins and the buzzer goes off these two battle every time to see who is going to post the top score or best time for the day and that is something that brings a smile to my face because I know that they are making each other better. Sometimes athletes are told it's all about participation and having fun and that in some way competing is almost frowned upon. As we get older, we sometimes forget that competing can be fun and very beneficial in so many ways. We are never too old to set goals and make improvements to our quality of life. Competing can be a great tool to help you get there, so ask yourself if there is someone in the box that you enjoy training with and that pushes you to get better. Facebook that person, talk to them after class, text them, whatever it takes to get on the same schedule to train together. After that be consistent, work hard, have fun and COMPETE, then sit back and watch yourself reach heights you didn't even think possible!

Wednesday April 23, 2014


Back Squat

GHD Sit-Ups


4 Rounds

6 Pull-Ups
6 Goblet Squats (70/53/44) & (44/35/26)
100 M Sprint

The Steadily Expanding 9:00am Group Has Been Getting Very Consitent!! Can't Wait to See As The Summer Moves Along All The Hard Work Pay Off For These Athletes!

Tuesday April 22, 2014


Partner sprints
12 x 200
One rests while other sprints.

* 12 sprints total


As Many Reps as Possible
2 Min. Max Effort DU
Rest 1 Min.
2 Min. Max Effort Wall Balls
Rest 1 Min.
2 Min. Max Effort Floor Wipers
Rest 1 Min.
2 Min. Max Effort Power Cleans
Rest 1 Min.
2 Min. Max Effort Rope Climbs
Rest 1 Min.
2 Min. Effort Burpees
Rest 1 Min.
2 Min. Max Effort F.S.

We have had some great articles lately on the blog! If you have missed them, please check them out http://www.bankscountryfitness.blogspot.com/

Monday, April 21st

Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Musings of Medicine and Muscles by Julie Foucher
Click on this link to read the article http://juliefoucher.com/


3 at 50% of Clean 1RM
3 at 60%
3 at 65%
2x3 at 70%


3 Rounds for time
400m Run
21 KB Swing (53/35)
12 Pull-ups

Friday, April 18th

Click on the link below to see the side of Rich and Hillary Froning most people don't get to see...





10 EMOM + Reps Completed via Tabata

10 Min. EMOM
1 snatch grip Deadlift
5 sec pause in hang
1 snatch

Straight into

EMOM 10 Min.
1 Deadlift
5 sec pause in hang
1 clean


With a Tabata timer complete 80 reps for time. For 20 secs perform
hang power snatch 45/25 for 10 secs perform complete back squats 45/25.
Your score is the total time to complete 80 reps"

Cool Down 

Mobility and Band Work after WOD

Thursday, April 17th

Erika is working on her She-Ra moves:)


20 Minutes to work on a gymnastic goat of your choice


8:00 Min Partner Tabata
Cal Row

Wednesday, April 16th

This momma has entered the "Bad A## family"! I only wish my mom could climb a rope, do pull-ups, and lift like a pro!


Back Squats Progression
Try to go heavier then last week


7-5-3-1 Power-Snatch
7-5-3-1 OverHead-Squat
7-5-3-1 Bar Muscle-Up
14-10-6-2 Toes-To-Bar

Men RX
C-155#, MU
S-135#, MU or 2 C2B Pullups/2 Dips
A 105#, 2 Pullups/2 Dips

Female Rx
C-105#, MU
S-95#, MU or 2 C2B Pullups/2 Dips
A-65#, 2 Pullups/2 Dips

Tuesday, April 15th

CrossFit's continued growth, a great video to watch!


4x10 Front Rack Walking Lunges
2 x 25 GHD Back Extension

If not using GHD maching then 2 x 50 Supermans


7:00 Ascending Ladder

4 SDHP (95/65)
1 Sand Bag Carry
1 Sand Bag Carry
1 Sand Bag Carry
1 Sand Bag Carry
1 Sand Bag Carry
1 Sand Bag Carry

Wednesday April 9, 2014


B. Squat


Partner Tabata

Armless Cal. AirDyne
C2B Pullups

Important Reminder

We are going to be making two changes to the 5:45am class starting next Monday April 14th. First off to make room for a group of athletes starting at 5:00am we will be moving the 5:45am group back to 6:00am. Second we are suspending the Wednesday 5:45am class until further notice. More then likely when the demand returns for this slot over the summer we will bring it back.

In summary:

1). 5:45am will be moved to 6:00am starting Monday April 14th.
2). No Wednesday 6:00am classes until summer.

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Strength -
SDHP 4 x 3


7 Rounds for Time:
3 Muscle Ups
7 KB Swings
11 Pushups
200m Run

C-MU, 70, HR
S-MU or 6 C2B Pullups/6 Ring Dips, 53, HR
A-6 Pullups/6 Dips, 44, Regular PU

C-MU, 44, HR
S-MU or 6 C2B Pullups/6 Ring Dips, 35, HR
A-6 Pullups/6 Dips, 26, Regular PU

Got to love spring...Beautiful sunshine and motivated athletes.

Monday April 7, 2014


15 Min. Clean & Jerk Form Work


If you missed last week...1 RM Clean & Jerk


17:00 EMOM
:00 - 1 Clean & Jerk (75/80% of 1 RM)
:20-:45 - Max Wall Balls (25/20 & 20/14)
:45-:59 Rest

Holden has been working very hard the last few months, preparing for his first CrossFit teen competition called the Gauntlet coming up this weekend. He will be competing against teens from around the Northwest and we are so excited to see how he does! There is a group of BCF members going up on Saturday night and or Sunday morning to cheer him on, so if you are looking for something to do or need an excuse to go for a nice drive and get outside please feel free to come support Holden as he represents himself and our affiliate. Good luck man...Your going to kill it!

Friday April 4, 2014


10 Min. EMOM

Odd Min.- Rope Climbs
Even Min. - 10 Box Jumps

Competitive - 2 rope climbs / 30" Box
Sport - 2 RC / 24"
Athlete - 1 RC / 20"

Competitive - 2 RC / 24"
Sport - 2 RC / 20"
Athlete - 1 RC / 16"


Dirty 30

30 Hang Cleans (95/65)
30 F. Squats
30 Push Press

*Athlete chooses how they want to break them up.

Part of the often overlooked EARLY morning crew! This proves that you can have fun at 6:00am! Although Ryan might still be a little slow to get his smile ready for photo shop this early:) Thank you for all your hard work guys! Also congragulations to Angela on her first rope climb this morning!
She works so hard and has come so far! We love watching athletes do things they didn't think possible!!

Thursday April 3, 2014


OH Squat



Partner Row & Sit

Partner 1 Rows 500M
Partner 2 Abmat Situps
Then Switch
Partner 2 Rows 500M
Partner 1 Abmat Situps



Scored by fastest team with most sit-ups

Reminder...There is only three spots left for the summer athletes camp, so if you have a son or daughter looking to gain an edge for the upcoming sports seasons, please RSVP before it's too late!

Extreme Weight Loss Camp...

We are excited to be offering an awesome opportunity this summer for fifteen people to make some big changes with our "Get Your Body Back" camp. We have been working incredibly hard to put this together and are really excited to see peoples results. You can find all the details on our website under the "Get Your Body Back" tab. This camp is for people truly committed to losing serious weight and are willing to put the work in to make it happen. In addition to working with our awesome staff, we are bringing in a Nutrition Specialist to work along side Bethany for the summer (I will be sending more information out about her later:)...This is not just a tutorial on Paleo or Zone and then we let you loose. This is us tearing through your nutrition, providing individualized meal plans, shopping lists, specialized programming, weekly consultations, depending upon your needs, plus a lot more. This is you saying that you are truly committing to losing some serious weight over the summer! There is a lot to this camp but the results will be awesome! So please take a look at our website and please feel free to contact me with any further questions. Space is limited for this camp and will fill up fast! To do this correctly we are capping this camp off at 15 athletes. If you know of someone that REALLY needs to and WANTS to make some lifestyle changes please pass this along!

Wednesday April 2, 2014


Ring Dip
Ascending Ladder by 2's

3 x 20 GHD Back Extensions


12:00 minute Tabata
Goblet Squats (70/53/44) & (44/35/26)
T2B or 4 x Mountain Climbers
Ball Slams (20/14)

Spouses Working Together...CrossFit Therapy:)

This is actually a group of Three!! Can you spot the third? You have to look close, she has been working hard and is doing awesome at keeping healthy and vibrant.

Always smiling...You can't keep these two down no matter what we throw at them:)

Although these two are so fast their blurry they actually didn't have the fastest time of the day!

That honor goes to Steve and Kevin...Nice work gentlemen!

Dana got the privilage of teaming up with the "Buxton Beast"

 See In-laws really can get along:)

Ally...Erika told me that she did all the work for this team! Just in case you see her in your class soon:)

Tuesday April 1st, 2014


5 x 6 Back Squat
3 x 20 GHD Sit-Ups


8 Rounds
5 DL (275/225/185) & (185/135/95)
100 M Sprint

What an inspiration this years Open competition was for me as an athlete and as a coach. I watched athletes pour their hearts and souls into these WOD's and it was an honor to be a part of it! Not because any of us were planning on competing for the title of Fittest On Earth but because I watched athletes do things they didn't even think possible. They pushed themselves to their limits and have now realized they can do so much more. As a coach it was a friendly reminder for me of the importance and power threshold training has in the world of fitness and CrossFit. It also re-kindled my passion for as an athlete; it made me take a step back and question my own training. Have I been really pushing my threshold? Or have I just settled at RX and a solid time, put it on the board and called it good for the day!

Did you really push as hard as you could today? When I watched people walk away from each of the Open WOD's over the last five weeks I saw gassed athletes. Not hands on my knees breathing deep, but truly spent! Laying on the ground like a floppy fish making very honorable sweat angels. We were all fine twenty minutes later, but I knew after each WOD that they had pushed their threshold and looking back now I just wonder where their/my fitness could be in 6-12 months if we could hit that intensity on a consistent basis? Do you remember that first time you tackled your first WOD? You know the first time that you really put it all out there and found yourself staring at the ceiling wondering what just happened? If you aren't getting the results you want take a look back over the last few months and see how often you are really pushing your threshold. If your honest with yourself, then you know what must be done...Get back to making sweat angels and don't be to cool to be a floppy fish:)...THANK YOU to all of the athletes that competed with us this year! It was an awesome thing to be a part of!!