"A Community that SWEATS Together, STAYS Together."

We want to provide a safe, encouraging, and positive environment for adults, kids, and athletes of all ages to learn, improve, and reach their health and fitness goals. Most importantly we want to be a place that people leave healthier and happier than when they walked in.

Final Day! Hurry and Sign Up for The Everyday Warrior...You Won't Regret It.

Quick reminder that today is the last opportunity to sign up for the Everyday Warrior. If you have been on the fence...GO FOR IT!! You won't regret it. Go to
https://www.everyday-warrior.org/battle-series/ and sign up based on your fitness level! Then get prepared to rock it next Thursday evening at 6:00 and come have dinner with us afterwards. Feel free to bring family and Friends!

Happy Halloween!!

Kill Cliff's Have Arrived...Just in time for Halloween!

Today being Halloween and since there will be plenty of crap flowing around the next few days you might grab a couple of these to ease the pain:)...So far they have gotten excellent reviews from our members. Designed to give you a healthy pick me up before or after your workout, I have also seen them used in place of soda in certain "after hour beverages". Certainly better then a coke!

Hope everyone has an awesome Halloween and be safe!!!!

Friday, October 31st- Happy Halloween!!



Ring Ball Ups 4 x 3 (Super Controlled)
Controlled Knee to Chest 4 x 8

Superset with

GHD Back Ext 4 x 12
Barbell Good Mornings 4 x12


4 Rounds:

30 sec max jump squat (back rack) (45/35)
30 sec max lunges (front rack) (45/35)
Run 100m
Rest 2 min.

Thursday, October 30th

Pull up holds by the 4:30 class.  So much strength!!


B. squat

Find a 3RM
4 x 3 @ 90%

Windshield Wipers
3 x 2/Side
Rest 60 Seconds


12 Min. AMRAP (As many REPS as possible)

Teams of 3

Partner 1: Sprints 200meters
Partner 2: Completes as many burpees as possilbe before partner 1 returns
Partner 3: Holds plate over head (45/25)

Score=total burpees

*If partner 3 cannot hold overhead, partner 2 must stop doing burpees as wait for partner 3 to get it back up.
*Partners switch tasks when partner 1 returns from their sprint.

Important Halloween Hours...Go Braves!

This Friday October 31st there will be no 6:00pm class. Enjoy your family, friends, and if your a Banks resident (Go Braves)!!
Happy Halloween and You Might Watch Out for These Two:)!!

Tips for Wall Balls

We all love Wall Balls!  But how can we be more efficient doing them?  Read these tips!

Wednesday, October 29th

Trevor and Ben modeling the new BCF gear. I think they are ordering a pair for Jim!


8:00 EMOM

Odd- 2 Clapping Push Ups
Even- 2 C2B Pull-Ups


15 min. AMRAP Ladder
1 Snatch
1 Wallball
1 kbs
1 knees to elbow
2 snatches
2 wallballs
2 kbs
2 knees to elbow
3 snatches
3 wallballs
3 kbs
3 knees to elbow
4 snatches
4 wallballs
4 kbs
4 knees to elbow
5 and so on

15 min. running clock to establish maximum repetitions.
Score is total reps.
Snatch 95/65
Wallballs 20/14
KBS 53/35

Tuesday, October 28th

Reminder!  The Everyday Warrior begins the first week of November.  

If you haven't signed up and want to- now is the time!  The weekly workout is planned for Thursday evenings at 6pm, but if you can't make that- you can still do it at another class time.  You will be surprised at how fun these online competitions are. To top it off the Battle Series supports a wonderful cause, helping fellow crossfitters that are fighting cancer battles. 


10 min EMOM
3 Hang Squat Clean & Jerk


5 Rounds for Time:

100 M Farmers Carry
12 Barbell Row (135/115/95)(95/75/55)
.35 Bike
16 Jumping Lunges

Monday, October 27th

Bikes and Rowers..oh my!


2 x 2 @ 60%
2 @ 70%
2 @ 80%
2 @ 85%
2 @ 90%
1 @ 95%

4 x 15 GHD B. Extensions
4 x 12 DB Good Mornings


200 M Sprint
DB/KB Thrusters (53/44/35)(35/26/18)
Ring Dips
200 M Sprint & 8 Turkish Get Ups (70/53/44) (44/35/26)

Friday, October 24th

Sunshine and Annie!


10:20 (Work : Rest) x 4 Sets
Handstand Hold (Scale Up Single are or rings)
Chin Over Bar Hang (Hands Facing Face)

3 x 10 One Arm DB Row


6 Rounds
20 Yd Sled Push (Heavy)
Rest 1 Min. Between Rounds

Important Everyday Warrior Details...No idea what im talking about then you need to read this post!

If you haven't signed up yet, hurry there is only one week left to get signed up for the Everyday Warrior Battle Series. I promise you will not regret this!! So far we have had a great start with close to 30 athletes already signed up or that have committed to the board.

This is going to be an awesome experience for all involved. If you have no idea what I'm talking about please go to https://www.everyday-warrior.org/battle-series/ to learn all the details and get signed up. Don't forget to sign up with our team (BCF CrossFit), so we are all together.

There are lots of divisions so no matter where your fitness level is at you can and should participate! We have athletes signed up all over the fitness spectrum; no one will feel left out!! Proceeds go to help warriors in our CrossFit communities with cancer and includes an awesome t-shirt.

Now For In-House Details:

We want to make this a fun community event. To help create a great atmosphere we will be setting the 6:00pm time slot aside on Friday evenings for those four weeks just for the WOD (starting Friday November 7th). If you just can't make that time slot work then you can do the WOD at a different time slot on Friday, but the regular classes will not be doing these WODS. Each Friday after the class is over we will be invading a different restaurant for dinner. This will be our chance to eat, relax, talk about the events of the week and enjoy each other's company. Friends and family are welcome to come watch and or join us for dinner afterwards. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call, text or catch a trainer in the box!

Thursday, October 23rd

Top 8 snatch mistakes- perfect video for today's strength!! :)


Squat Snatches
2 @ 60%
2 @ 70%
2 @ 80%
2 @ 85%
1 @ 90%


SDHP (95/65)
Back Squat

Rest 90 Seconds


Hang Squat Cleans
Push Press

Don't BS...The Proof Is In The Numbers. Read Their BCF CrossFit Stories and Be Inspired!

The articles you are about to read are written by Bethany and your own BCF CrossFit members. The numbers are accurate scientific numbers and not something skewed to look impressive like so many reports published today. These are people you sweat with, laugh with, and watch on a daily and weekly basis. My goal is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for people to be healthy! A place where people care about each other. If your not happy with where your at and you want better results then make the true commitment. These people did and look what happened in 90 Days! Ask them if they feel better? Ask them if they feel happier? Ask them if they are glad they made the commitment? I'm going to leave you with one final statement! Don't hide behind excuses!! These members all have full time jobs, lots of kids, old injuries/surgeries, and run from the ages of 25 to 52 DON"T HIDE BEHIND EXCUSES!! YOU CAN DO IT!

Can you get your BODY back?

by Bethany Exline

Each day I hear, see, and work with people who want to make a change, but the sad truth is many of them never make it past the stage of wanting. We all have different goals or aspirations some of us want to be thinner, stronger, faster, healthier, etc. But where we often fail is keeping on the path to reach our goals. Side steps happen but the trick is to keep making steps and as much as possible forward. Life is going to derail you but you must stay focused and keep moving. I have witnessed many fantastic results by amazing people who did just that. They first had a goal, then made a commitment, and stuck to it. Some of them took side steps and some stayed on the path. All of them made a difference in their lives and are working towards their goals. Goals take time, and let’s be honest we are NEVER satisfied with what we look like and we always want more. So our goals often change, sometimes before we reach our initial goal. For example, we have many ladies who come into our box and say “I don’t want to lift heavy and get big muscles, I want to be skinny and lean” then a few months later, “How can I get stronger”. It’s all in our state of mind at the time. Just start with a goal, be ok with change, find someone to hold you accountable, work hard, stay determined, and finally JUST DO IT!

Back to my story, this summer I took a journey with 13 people who all had one thing in common; they wanted to “Get their BODY back!” I was privileged to work with 8 of these fabulous people and each person made positive steps towards their goals. I am proud of each person’s transformations! They were of different body types with different goals in mind except for one common goal. To get healthier! I am thrilled to share with you their results! Watching others make sacrifices and seeing their results proves that we can all do it as long as we are willing to try and put our minds to it.

Measurements are just a tool to see our improvements but they don’t always tell the whole story. They fail to tell us how you feel, your increase in range of motion, flexibility, strength, and much more. I always tell everyone “throw your scales away!” Here is why, the scale can’t tell you how much fat you have lost or muscle you have gained (muscle weighs more than fat), they just can’t calculate the changes. We were blessed to have the Bod Pod come out and calculate these results for us! It’s awesome to see the whole picture and know how much fat was lost and muscle gained.

I wish I had everyone’s results to share with you but that the story of my life, even adults have trouble turning in their homework. I just could not wait any longer; so here are some of their amazing results…


18.2 % Body Transformation

Lost 46.5 pounds of fat

Gained 14.4 pounds of lean muscle mass

Lost over 32 pounds


17.6% Body Transformation

Lost 22.6 pound of Fat

Gained 3.5 pounds of Lean Muscle Mass

Lost over 26 pounds


13.8% Body Transformation

Lost 40.8 pounds of Fat

Gained 1.8 pounds of Lean Muscle Mass

Lost over 42.6 pounds


6.8% Body Transformation

Lost 7.3 pounds of Fat

Gained 2 pounds of Lean Muscle Mass

Lost 5.3 pounds


5.4% Body Transformation

Lost 6.9 pounds of Fat

Gained 1.6 pounds of Lean Muscle Mass

Lost 5.3 pounds

Bethany (Even I have goals, and if I am going to put someone through a tough camp, I better do something tooJ)

1.8% Body Transformation

Gained 5.1 of lean muscle mass

Lost .7 pounds of fat (In the process I still lost fat)

Gained 4.4 pounds (My goal was to gain muscle mass to get stronger!)

**I told you all, muscle weighs more than FAT!!!!J*

I am going to leave you with these amazing stories; I hope they inspire you as they have inspired me!

Kathy’s Story

My name is Kathy I have struggled to lose weight all of my adult life. I gained 90lbs with my first child and yo yo’ed back and forth for the next 32 years I tried every fad diet and miracle cure out there. I went to be hypnotized, sat down with the docs to discuss surgery and even took prescription pills to lose weight. I did all the mail order meal diets support systems plans spent 100’s of dollars on the next big video, cd, or exercise equipment you can order off late night television or buy in the store; none of which worked. Finally I just got it in my thick skull that diet and exercise were the only thing that were going to work so I started out slow met a friend who agreed to work with me to get me in shape. I did that on and off for 2 years and had some success with it, but the nutrition was still not where it needed to be and honestly neither was the exercise, so I wasn’t seeing big changes and my body was still not letting me do what I needed to physically to get the weight off. Finally he could no longer help me so I decided to try this new thing called CrossFit, against the advice of a number of people saying, I can’t do it, I’m going to hurt myself, I’m too old for this, yadda yadda yadda! But I walked into BCF CrossFit one day and met the owners who said yes you can! We can modify anything to make it work for you, oh and by the way we are about to start a 90 day boot camp called get that body back and we think it would be great for you. So I came to an informational meeting found out that not only was I going to get the exercise plan and guidance I also was going to get Nutritional help which I really needed. Bethany came to my home went through my cupboards and taught me about all the hidden sugars and chemicals that are in our everyday food. I thought I was eating healthy already. Then she took me and my family shopping and showed us how to find the right foods for a healthy lifestyle. She also met with me one on one every week to discuss any issues or concerns I might have had. It did not stop there she sent me recipes every week and when I struggled with anything she was right there to help me figure it out even offered to come help me cook if I needed it. The support was a text away or a phone call away. I remember telling her of a concern with free lunch at work. Once a week my boss buys lunch for the office staff and of course it’s take out usually loaded with fats and calories and super fattening. I was worried I would be tempted to cave. That very next Wednesday at noon I received a supportive caring text reminding me I can do this and she was thinking of me. I have not had free lunch Wednesday since. My first class with Trevor I knew I had made the right decision and I could trust him to make sure I would not get hurt and he would help me to reach my fitness goals. I also knew it was a process that was going to take time but they would be there for me every step of the way. I’m not going to lie the first week or two I hurt, I was sore and in pain but not a pain I couldn’t handle. I kept going 4 days a week I did everything they told me to do and I asked a lot of questions. If there was something I physically could not do Trevor modified it for me. I never felt out of place or pushed aside for people in better shape I love the atmosphere and the challenge to improve and to push yourself to be better. I also love that it is something new every day. I went on vacation with my family for a week Trevor and Bethany even helped me to be able to stick to my plan while on vacation. I lost 3 dress sizes and feel more fit than I have in 20 years. Literally my energy level is 3 times better than it was; I cook at home instead of eating take out which was a bad habit my husband and I got into once we became empty nesters. My friends and family can’t believe the changes in me both physically and mentally. An old friend I see rarely said to me that I looked happy and I could honestly answer that I am! For the first time in 20 years I am happy with my health and my body. I still have a long way to go to reach my goals for my overall health but I know I will get there with Trevor and Bethany and all the folks at Banks Country CrossFit. I know I made the commitment to myself to do this but without the support knowledge and commitment from them I would have never been able to. I walked in those doors 3 months ago scared frustrated and worried it may not work, I walk back in every day knowing this is the path for me to get healthy this is where I belong. I haven’t been back in the pod yet to see the actual results but I can’t wait. What I know for sure is I feel fantastic my clothes are all to big and my body will do what I need it to do in my everyday life and that is huge for a 52 year old Grandma who couldn’t get on the floor and play with her grandkids. But I sure can now and much much more.

“Since this article Kathy is closing in on 100 lbs lost and in case you missed it here are her BOD Pod results after the 3 month camp”

18.2 % Body Transformation

Lost 46.5 pounds of fat

Gained 14.4 pounds of lean muscle mass

Lost over 32 pounds

Jim and Jeni’s Story

Paleo? Yuck!! I remember Nick telling me about it the first time you did a paleo challenge and thinking why????? No dairy, no grains, no sugar?

Even after starting cross fit last February I couldn't imagine changing my diet so dramatically. In April Jim started cross fit and we heard talk of the Get Your Body Back camp. He planned on being a part of the camp and I supported him all the way. Then something in me said that maybe I should join him and be supportive. ;). So I also decided to try it. When we had our initial meeting right after the WOD (with lots of running) was over I was smoked and wanting to feel more in shape. Jesse m and I decided on the Paleo choice because it is go big or go home at our house.

When Bethany came to clean out cupboards out I was a little nervous. But I was all in and ready to try something new. After Bethany took us grocery shopping I was pleasantly surprised on the food choices and what was and what wasn't Paleo. Next the recipes started pouring in and that's when my true love for Paleo started. Amazing meals and amazing flavor. I fell in love with Paleo, Not only was I feeling happier and healthier it I was getting stronger. About a month into it my dead lift was considerably better and by August my back squat was 20lbs heavier. Paleo isn't a diet by any means it is a way of life that I intend to stick with. It has become my new passion. Losing weight was a definite bonus. But nothing beats how strong I feel when I can say no to non Paleo foods and yes to foods that my body can become stronger on.
Thank you Bethany and Trevor for teaching us so much, and for your example.

Caira’s Story
I started out at 27% body fat and 55.1 pounds of fat with 73% lean and 148.8 lbs lean and a total weight of 203.9. Getting below 200 lbs was a huge goal of mine. It is just one of those numbers I never want to see again. With the help from the workouts and Erin with the nutrition part of it, I was able to make some pretty major changes. I learned that food can be fuel for your body and not just something that tastes good or makes you feel good, although sometimes it can be both. I actually started to eat more often and cleaner and have really started to feel better about my day to day routines. After the 3 months I dropped to 24.3% body fat with 48.2 lbs of fat and 75.7% lean and 150.4 lbs lean for a total of 198.6 lbs. Not a huge jump but I am confident that I am working in the right direction and taking it a meal at a time. I also know that the more my life allows me to workout the better off I will be. As you know, being a working mom is no joke and trying to find time to workout isn't always possible, but I have learned that even a 20 minute run can have some pretty positive effects on my mood, health and sanity! Anyways, thank you again for all of your help and support and for being so patient with Ella. I really could not have done it without you guys. See you soon!

Our door is always open to new and current members! If you want any additional help or have questions please ask!! We are here for YOU!

Wednesday, October 22nd

Here's an article about the importance of gymnastic movements in Crossfit- enjoy!



Misc. 20 Minutes To Work on Whatever Gymnastic Movement You Choose.

*Pick a Weakness


Complete 10 rounds for time:

Max Effort DU
Row or Bike – 10 calories

When athlete misses their DU they go to the bike or Rower.

*Score is Time on Rower or Bike & Total DU's. Athlete will track how long it takes them to row or bike each round and then add them all up at the end along with a tally of how many DU's.

Monday, October 20th

"Annie" visiting BCF :)

Here's a little article someone wrote about what changed in their life with 1 year of Crossfit.  It really changes lives!


Front Squat 7-5-3-3-3


Complete 6 rounds for time:

315 lbs Deadlift – 1 rep 1 Strict Pull Up
315 lbs Deadlift – 1 rep 3 Strict Pull Ups
315 lbs Deadlift – 1 rep 5 Strict Pull Ups

Friday, October 17th

We love to see hard work- and it pays off!!  Great job ladies!

Here's a fun article for you all!  5 Top Ways to Know You're Good at CrossFit

Happy Friday!!


Seated DB Shoulder Press
4 x 8

4 x 8 Barbell Row

1 x 20 Back Squat


Complete 10 rounds for time:

Ring Rows – 10 reps
Bike or Row – 10 calories

Thursday, October 16th

We all want to get those DU's!!!  Here are some quick lessons. :)


DL 4 x 5 add 5 lbs to 90% of Last weeks 5 RM



Wednesday, October 15th

Strength, mobility and lots of practice!


2:00 Minutes
Max Effort HSPU

0-60 Strict HSPU
61-120 Kipping HSPU


20 Minute AMRAP
Run 400m
10 C2B Pull Ups
8 Single Leg Deck Squats
20 kb swings
10 toes to bar
8 Single Leg Deck Squats

Your Trainers Schedule...

Hey Guys,

We have had a couple members mention that it would be nice to know who is teaching what classes. So when you guys ask you shall receive:)...Granted we sometimes switch shifts if something comes up, sick, vacation, etc but at least you guys have an idea what our schedule will be through October.

6:00      Trevor           Ally                   Trevor           Ally                   Trevor                  Ally or Trevor
8:00      Trevor                                     Trevor                                     Trevor
9:00      Trevor          Ally                    Trevor           Ally                   Trevor
3:30 (Kids) Trevor                               Trevor                                     Ally
4:30      Ally              Trevor                Ally              Trevor                Ally
6:00      Ally              Trevor                Ally              Trevor                Ally
7:15      Ally              Trevor                Ally              Trevor

A couple of photos from a LONG TIME AGO:)

Tuesday, October 14th

Now that's an overhead squat!

Want to improve your overhead squats?  Here are some tips!! 


3 Round Sets
1 Deadlift + 1 Clean + 1 Jerk
*rest 1 min. between sets
*athletes keep their hands on the bar for all three movements in the complex
*working weight is 80-85% of 1RM C&J


Power Clean (135,115,95) (95, 75, 55)
Ring Push Ups

Finisher: 200m Run

Monday, October 13th

Side bridge race between Bacas.


5 x 8 Back Rack Walking Lunges (4 R/ 4 L)
4 x 12 GHD Back Extensions or DB Good Mornings


4 Rounds
. 5 Bike/ 350 ROW
10 Pull Ups
10 Burpee Broad Jumps

Help support Barbells for Boobs at Hillsboro CrossFit!

Barbells for Boobs fundraiser at Hillsboro Crossfit on Saturday, October 18th!

Let's see if we can get some BCF support at their event! This is what we love to do- support our community, meet other CrossFit enthusiasts and WOD it up!!! Grab a BCF partner and let's have some fun with another affiliate!

Hillsboro Crossfit is doing a team fundraising Wod - Helen meets Grace from 11:00am - 2:00 pm with heats starting every 20 minutes. Signup sheets are posted at Hillsboro Crossfit located at: 2074 NW Aloclek Dr Suite 411, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124.

Below is the information from their Facebook event:

Join us for our biggest event of the year!! Barbells for Boobs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women and men under the age of 40.
Inspired by athletes everywhere, local communities come together to fundraise, and help us detect potentially life-threatening breast cancer occurrences. We are looking to raise $2000 for this organization and need you and your loved ones help!

Donate to our team, or start your fundraising page through ours and ear rewards like shirts and other BB4B Swag. Register for the Partner WOD Helen Meets Grace and pay tribute to those who have dealt with or survived cancer.

Don't have a partner? Don't worry! We will set you up with someone!

First heat is at 11- first come first serve.

“Helen meets Grace”
Teams of two
3 Rounds for time
Run 400m
21 Swings 53/35
12 Pull ups
30 Clean and jerks 135/95

*One partner works at a time; split reps as you see fit
** Both partners must run 400m together
*** One kettlebell and one bar per team

We will have food, games, a silent auction, and many other activities for this community event. The Mobile Mammography Unit will also be paying us a visit!!

Save a pair. Save a life.

Friday, October 10th

BCFer's got squats!!


HSPU 10 Minute EMOM
Odd - 3 Strict
Even - 3 Kipping

Athletes that want to scale up can do them Deficit
Athletes scaling down will do sets of 5. Odd minutes with feet on box and evens with knees on box.


Complete 5 rounds for time:

10 KB Snatches (72/53/44) (5R & 5L)
10 KB Step Ups on 20″ box (KB Held at Chest)

Thursday, October 9th

Exline's doin' work!!!


Front Squat


1000 M Row

Men Under 3:45 No Penalty
3:46 - 10 Burpees
4:00 - 15 Burpees
4:15 - 20 Burpees
4:30 + - 20 Burppes plus LOB Inch Worm Push Ups

Women Under 4:15 No Penalty
4:16 - 10 Burpees
4:30 - 15 Burpees
4:45 - 20 Burpees
5:00 + - 20 Burpees plus LOB Inch Worm Push Ups

Rest 5:00


3 x Max Effort Ball Ups or Max Effort Hollow Hold

A Quick Thought From the Couch...

As a coach, I try to read something new everyday but with the big house project push last month I have been sorely missing my fifteen minutes, so this morning I forced myself to stop and I came across this article from one of my old coaches. His point hit home because as an athlete I am nursing a sore back today and it relates to the point he is trying to make. It wasn't the 5RM attempt that got me but rather the last rep on the last set with the lighter weight. Read on for my point...

"One of my lifting cues when I am coaching is, put down the bag of potato chips and get off the couch. What in the world does that have to do with weightlifting? I mean, the lifter is obviously not at home on the couch with a can of soda and pringles. It means don’t be lazy when lifting. Often I see a lifter miss a sub-maximal weight that I know they can get, that they have done before. They are just being lazy. We are all guilty of this. Not forcing the hips down, not completely finishing the pull, not totally committing to the catch. Just being a little lazy, a little complacent.

The time to train yourself to get off the couch is with the very first lift. And every lift after. Remember, you don’t perform up, but rather you perform down to the level of your training. In other words, train the way you fight. You want to ingrain total commitment to each and every lift into your very being. And the way to do that is to make every lift a PR effort. Get off the couch, don’t get lazy."

Give it a try!

Wednesday, October 8th

All this strength is amazing!


Mobility Work Post WOD


30 Power Cleans (135, 115, 95) (95, 75, 55) 
50 Sit Ups
25 Pull Ups
30 KB Swings (70, 53, 44) (44, 35, 26)
25 Push Ups
50 Ball Slams
30 Bench Press (135, 115, 95) (95, 75, 55)
50 Box Jumps on Tires
25 GHD Back Extensions
30 Wall Balls (25, 20) (20/16)
25 GHD Situps

Tuesday, October 7th

More back squats...we love PR's!


Find a 5 RM
5 x 4 @ 90% of 5 RM


10 Rounds:

20 DU
6 Thrusters (135/115/95) (95/75/55)

Monday, October 6th

More 1 RM Back Squats! Great job, ladies!


1 SnBal + 1 OHS
(As Heavy as Possible for 3x1)


Partner WOD
20 min. AMRAP
400m run (partners run together)
12 Hang Power Snatches
12 OHS 115/95,95/75, 75/55
12 strict pull-ups

Partners run 400m together
Partners share reps of 12 however the team chooses
One partner works at a time.
Both partners must be back at their barbell before Partner A starts the hang power snatches.
Score is total rounds plus reps.

Friends of Jordan 5k & Kids Run- October 11, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014 is the Friends of Jordan 5k & Kids Run.  Please join in if you can! 

Registration is at:   funrunwalk.wix.com/friendsofjordan

Friday, October 3rd

Back Squat 1RM!! 


20 Minutes to work on your Goal. Gymnastic or Olympic Lift.
Coach must be prepared to provide rep schemes for athletes who are unsure on what to do.


1 Mile Run For Time


Side Bridge Accumulate 3 Min Each Side
3 x 20 GHD Back Extensions

Thursday, October 2nd

TIME!- Our new favorite 4 letter word!


1 RM Back Squat


MU 10-8-6-4-2
GHD Sit Up 20-16-12-8-4
25 Burpee Finisher

*Everytime athlete breaks from the rings or has to break during the GHD Sit-Ups there is a 10 Jumping Lunge Penalty to be assesed during the WOD.

Everyday Warrior- Battle Series!

BCF is excited to promote the Everyday Warrior- Battle Series. https://www.everyday-warrior.org

Here's how it works: Each week there is a WOD (when you register, you can choose if you would like to do scaled or Rx) to compete in. If you didn't do the open this last year- everyone that participated really enjoyed it. Not only did athletes push themselves harder then they thought possible, but PR's were of abundance. We all enjoy the support of our box- this type of workout brings out the support and camaraderie x 10! Please take a look at the website, check out the WOD's and sign up! We'd love to get the whole Box doing this. This benefits us as athletes by pushing our normal limits and is a wonderful cause. The Everyday Warrior mission is to financially support, inspire and empower individuals fighting cancer!

Register for The Battle Series

Details from the website:

The Battle Series is an annual 4 week online competition hosted each November.  Registration cost is $45.00 and includes a t-shirt as shown below.  Participants will complete 1 workout a week over 4 weeks, much like the CrossFit Open! There will be various divisions to include RX, Scaled and Masters to ensure everyone can go to battle! Scaled and Masters divisions will do the same workouts, Masters is 40+. Additional guidelines will be posted later this week however the following movements will NOT be programmed for any division: Muscle Ups (bar or ring), Ring Dips, Handstand Walks, Rope Climbs.

The first 25 gyms who get 25 members to sign up for The Battle Series will receive special recognition as being official Everyday Warrior Support Affiliates!

Registration includes an official Battle Series shirt designed and provided by The Uncommon Breed and the ability to enter your scores in our online leaderboard to track your performance against everyone in your division!

Prizes for the top men in each division will be provided by The Uncommon Breed and for the top women in each division by Girls Rx’d!

Workouts?! See below. FYI- There are more details on the website.

Week 1:

7 Minute AMRAP
Rep Ladder Doubles

2 Cleans 135/95
2 Box Jump Overs 24”/20”
4 Cleans
4 Box Jumps Overs
8 Cleans
8 Box Jump Overs
16 Cleans
16 Box Jumps Overs
32,32,64,64…continue to double the reps until 7 min has elapsed.

Scaled & Masters:
2 Cleans 95/65
2 Box Jump Overs 24”/20”
4 Cleans
4 Box Jumps Overs
8 Cleans
8 Box Jump Overs
16 Cleans
16 Box Jumps Overs
32,32,64,64…continue to double the reps until 7 min has elapsed.

Week 2

12 Minute AMRAP

RX Men:
10 Deadlift 185 lb.
15 Wall Ball 20lb. to a 10 foot target
30 Double Unders

RX Women:
10 Deadlift 135 lb.
15 Wall Ball 14lb. to a 9 foot target
30 Double Unders

Scaled & Masters:
10 Deadlift 135/95
15 Wall Ball 14/10 lb. to a 9 foot target
30 Double Unders or 90 Single Jump Rope

Week 3

10 Minute Clock (6 Attempts Allowed)
1 Rep Max from the Rack

RX: Max OH Squat
Scaled: Max Back Squat
Masters: Max Front Squat

Week 4

15 Minute AMRAP

60 Calorie Row
50 Burpees Over the Bar
30 Ground to Overhead 95/65
10 Chest to Bar

60 Calorie Row
50 Burpees Over the Bar
30 Ground to Overhead 75/45
10 Jumping Chest to Bar

60 Calorie Row
50 Burpees Over the Bar
30 Ground to Overhead 75/45
10 Jumping Chest to Bar

Wednesday, October 1st

BCF kids hard at work!


Gymnastic Misc:
15 Minutes to work on...MU or Handstand Walks


3 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
75-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls, 21 reps
12 burpees, jumping over the barbell