"A Community that SWEATS Together, STAYS Together."

We want to provide a safe, encouraging, and positive environment for adults, kids, and athletes of all ages to learn, improve, and reach their health and fitness goals. Most importantly we want to be a place that people leave healthier and happier than when they walked in.

Monday, September 30th

EPIC Grind Photos coming soon....

 Please e-mail us any pictures you have. I would love to create a photo album of our adventure!

Our members can't get enough box jumps..  Lisa's scoring extra points with us:)


6-4-2-3-5-7 OH Squats


"Nancy in a Monsoon" 5 Rounds
15 OH Squats (95/65)
1/2 mile Bike or 350 meter Row or 400 meter Run

Friday September 27, 2013


E.M.O.M. For 10 Minutes
2,4,6,8, or 10 Pistol Squats

Rest 3 Minutes

E.M.O.M. For 10 Minutes
2 Turkish Get-Ups


5 Rounds

10 Pushups
10 Pull-Ups

Dina's Passion For Bananas Is Unparalled on Her Birthday!

Thank You for all the laughs morning class & Happy Birthday Dina!!

Thursday September 26, 2013


D.L. 3x3
Max L-Sit 3x1



D.L. (225/135)
Wall Balls (20/14)
K.B. Push Press (53/35)

FYI...This is what happens when you mouth off to your trainers:)

Tuesday September 24, 2013


F. Squat 7x2

70,75,80,85,90,95,95 of 1 RM


4 Rounds

2 Rope Climbs
10 Power Cleans (135/95)
30 Yd Sand Bag Carry

Rest 2 Minutes after round two.

Julie A.K.A. Pebbles hitting a solid F. Squat

Monday September 23, 2013


5 x 10 Lunges
5 xs 1 Max Effort Ring Dips


30 P. Snatch (95/65)
30 Burpees
20 P. Snatch
20 Burpees
10 P. Snatch
10 Burpees

The Rope Climbing Champs from Fridays Class...If I know this crew they will be looking to de-thrown them on the next go around:) Great Job Guys!

Friday September 20, 2013


Power Clean

5x20 Situps


3 Rounds
800 M Run
30 Push-ups
200 M Row or .25 Bike

Happy Birthday Julie-Good Thing You Got Your But Out Of BED:)!!
Angela I need that Paleo Cupcake Recipe!!!!

Thursday September 19, 2013


1 RM Jerk



150 Wall Balls

Dina getting creative rest during "Karen"...Way to use your head this morning young lady:)

Wednesday September 18, 2013


Max Effort Ring Push Ups 5 x 1
Bent Over Barbell Row 5 x 7



Back Squat (135/95)
100 M Run

Tuesday September 17, 2013


Heavy D.L. 4 Reps - E.M.O.M. For 6 Minutes


Heavy D.L. 2 Reps - E.M.O.M. For 6 Minutes


Run 800
21 Thrusters (135/95)
Run 400
15 Thrusters
Run 200
9 Thrusters

Working that Core, but Theresa does not appear to be that impressed:)

Noon Class Starting Monday September 30th

Hi Everyone,

Over the last six months with the growth of our affiliate, there has been more and more interest from our members for a mid-day class. Starting Monday September 30th we will have a noon class M. T. Th. Fr. with the option to add Wed. depending upon demand. Please pass this information along to anyone you feel may be interested and lets make that lunch time (Sweat Angel Time).


Trevor & Bethany

Location of Future Noon Class Sweat Angels:)

Monday September 16, 2013


F. Squat 4x3 @ 85% of 1 RM
3x1 Max Effort L-Sit


60 Sec. on & 60 Sec. off

Cal. Row


Score is totaled by Category

Can Anyone Guess Who The One Guy is Facing the Wrong Way???

Way to Go Bret:)...Solid form atleast!

September 12, 2013


EMOM 10 Minutes

Odd Minute 5 Snatch Grip D.L.

Even Minute 2 OH Squat


100 M Sprint
3 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

x 8 Rounds For Time

Only at BCF CrossFit do members roll up in such style. Beat that Hollywood, who needs a limo:)

Wednesday September 11, 2013


Max Effort Strict Pull-UP
Max Effort V-Sits


10-1 Kettle Bell Swing (53/35)
20 DU
10-1 Push Press (95/65)

Taking a Nap in Costco...Got to Love Kids:)
With that being said, in honor of Sep. 11th I want to say Thank You to all the men and women around the world who lay their lives on the line on a daily basis to give our families a safe place to call home. With out them our country and our lives would not be so GREAT!!

Tuesday, September 10th

Cute Kids:) Just Hanging Around...


5x3 Hang Squat Clean


300m Row/ .4 mile Bike
5 Squat Clean Jerks (165/115)
30 T2B

Monday September 9, 2013


8-6-4-2 Press

Rest 3 Minutes

10 Range of Motion Pistol Squats during rest period.


4 Rounds

10 SDHP (135/95)
20 Pistol Squats
200 M Run
1 Rope Climb
Happy Birthday Mindy...Way to teach those Pistol Squats a Lesson:)


No 6:30pm Class on Wednesday due to the Nutritional Support Class!

Nutrition Support Class in on September 11th at 6:30pm till 8ish. This meeting will cover grocery store staples, lunches, snacks, kid friendly meals, boundaries, portions, and one-on-one goal work. The class will include participation and small group discussions. I will also be meeting with you about your goals. Lastly, if you come up with additional needs or would like to learn more about something specific please e-mail me and I will add it you our meeting. I want this to fit your needs, so please e-mail me!

RSVP -  You must RSVP by Monday, September 9th by 8pm.

Cost - $10 for BCF Members, $15 for Non-Members

Homework - As you find good recipes, send them to me and I will e-mail them out them out to everyone. Please be thinking of "Back to School" ideas, snacks, lunches, and quick dinner ideas. As a group we all have something to share and the more ideas we put together the more options we will all have:)

New Members - Please feel free to join this class!

Thursday September 5, 2013


D.L. 3x3


Dead Lift (315/205)
Pull Ups
Ring Dips

Wednesday September 4, 2013


3 Rounds

30 Yard Sled Push
50 lateral Med Ball Slams


12 Minute AMRAP

10 KB Swings (70/53)
15 Burpees
30 DU

Tuesday, September 3rd


OTM for 14 minutes

1 Rope Climb
2 Back Squats


15 Clean and Jerk 135/95
Run 400m 
15 Cleans
Run 400m
15 Deadlift
Run 400m

Friday, August 30th


OTM for 7 minutes, 5 ring dips


In teams of two, complete
Deadlift (225/155)

Only one athlete working at a time. During the deadlifts, the resting athlete must be holding a handstand in order for reps to count. During the hand stand push up, the resting athlete must be holding barbell at the hang (top of deadlift) in order for reps to count.