"A Community that SWEATS Together, STAYS Together."

We want to provide a safe, encouraging, and positive environment for adults, kids, and athletes of all ages to learn, improve, and reach their health and fitness goals. Most importantly we want to be a place that people leave healthier and happier than when they walked in.

Tuesday, June 30th

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Every 90sec x5:
5 Weighted Pull-up
15 Pass Throughs *Count rep when heels touch ground


30sec on/30sec off:
4min- KB Goblet Squat (70/53#) (53/44#)
4min- Sit-ups
4min- KBS 
4min- KB Deadlift

*Score = total reps completed

Reminder- No class on Saturday, July 4th

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Have a fun and safe holiday!

Monday, June 29th

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Clean Pulls (no bending of elbows)
2x3 @ 80%
2x3 @ 85%
1x2 @ 90%
1x1 @ 95%
1x1 @ 100%

*Percentages are based off of 1RM Clean


10min AMRAP:

*Buy in: 30 C2B Pull-ups (included in time)

50 DU
25 Walking lunges 

Friday, June 26th

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Box Cleans Accumulate 20 Reps @ Your pace 55-65% of 1RM


AMANDA 9-7-5 Muscle Ups & Snatches (135/95)

* After WOD Ascending Strict HSPU OTM *Scale Up to Deficit

To My BCF Family,

I wanted to take a moment and thank each of you for your amazing support for the Partain family over the last couple of years, and especially as of recent.  Holden and I are again heading to Haiti first thing in the morning.  Your outpouring of gifts to take to the Haitians, prayers, donations for fundraisers, words of encouragement, cash and support have meant a great deal to our family and I can’t thank you enough.
Haiti (and really the mission field) is a lot like CrossFit and one plays off the other in many small ways and large ways.  It takes a few dedicated, strong leaders to move a team of people; determination by the followers to do what is required to make a difference; and a lot of support from people who care to get the work done.  

I’ve learned over the years, and especially being a part of 2 amazing groups of people that nothing, and I mean NOTHING great ever happens because of 1 person doing anything – not in Haiti and not in the box.  I depend on my team for support to bring
joy in tragedy
hope in the midst of horrific injustice
life in the battle ground of sickness and disease
true fulfillment in an ocean of unmet need
and bring light to dark places

We depend on each other to get the work done – together. 

So when you’re sweating it out at home, know that Holden and I appreciate all you’ve done to get us where we are and we love each of you to the moon and back!


Thursday, June 25th


4 Rounds:
20 Slide to Hollow  
20 Planche With Knee on Elbow 
16 Pistols *8 on each leg 

Scale Up or Down As Needed



It's a surprise!!!!

Wednesday, June 24th

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B. Squat Find 3 RM then 8:00 EMOM 1 Rep at 80% to 85%


RX: EMOMx10 2 chest to bar pull ups 4 HR push ups 8 Weighted Bulgarian Bag lunges  

CX: EMOMx10 2 muscle ups 10 wall balls 

Tuesday, June 23rd

Kids camp!


4 x Max Effort Commando Pull-Ups / 4 x Max Effort Controlled Bulgarian Bag Push Ups


Rest 2:00 Between Rounds  
3 Rounds 
1:00 Max Effort SDHP (95/65) / 1:00 Straight Leg Med Ball Sit Ups / 1:00 Bulgarian Bag Thruster *Finisher Not For Time Good Mornings 3 x15 with B. Bag

Monday, June 22nd

Nap time? Rest is part of the program!


Cleans 3x2 @ 50% / 1 x 3 @ 55% / 1 x 3 @60% / 1 x 3 @ 65% / 3 x 3 @ 70%


14 min clock. 
How much can you complete?
Score is total reps.  

2 rounds 25 box jumps 24/ 20 & 25 cal row  
Then 2 rounds 20 sit ups / 20 kb swings 53/35 
Then 2 rounds 15 t2b / 15 dips 

If finish go back to  top

Friday, June 19th



Find 3RM OH Squat w/ Perfect form  then 2x3 @90%


minute 1- 1 rope climb,10 sit ups  
minute 2- 10 pistols (alternate), 10 sit ups  
minute 3 10 calorie row, 10 sit ups  

CX: legless rope climb

Core work 3 rounds Max unbroken toes to bar 60 second rest 

* can substitute shotguns for situps

Thursday, June 18th


4x10 Bent over Row 
4x10 Good mornings (Concentrate on pushing the hips back rather than bending over.)

*Athletes should use the same weight for both movements.



2 C&J (@80/70/60% 1RM) 5 Candlesticks