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Bethany and Trevor Exline

Our Philosophy

Our background of health and fitness, the ever-growing population of obesity, our children, and our community inspire and drive our passion to teach others what it means to be fit. We pride ourselves in structuring our classes to each individual’s needs and by providing the resources for each member to reach their fitness goal(s). Not only are we looking to assist you in reaching your individual needs but we are here to assist families. By providing family classes to insure your family will learn, grow, and reach elite fitness. 

Banks Country Fitness represents your gym, coaches, and support group. Whether you choose to receive personal training from us or become a member of our group classes, you will receive a great deal of individual instruction.

Unlike other training services, our goal is to make you as self sufficient and knowledgeable as possible. Our members fall in love with the support and challenge that our classes offer. Our unique setting is much more like a group of friends than a business. Banks Country Fitness is a lively, fun, and challenging atmosphere that forges elite fitness. No longer will you have to force yourself through the same tedious workouts that you have done repeatedly on the same day of the week for who knows how long.

Our gym members are extended members of our family. We are as passionate about you reaching elite fitness as we are our own kids! The Banks Country Fitness family has grown to expect personal attention, intense and effective workouts, nutritional coaching, support from us and our members, fat/weight loss, increase in lean muscle mass, and most importantly RESULTS.

Finally, we love what we do, thus we live fitness each and every day. This is not a job, it is our lifestyle. We practice what we preach! So you can feel comfortable knowing that we have real life experience in applying the methods we teach.

Trevor Exline - Owner, Trainer

Trevor grew up around athletics most of his life. In high school, he was a three sport athlete being apart of two basketball conference titles and being voted two times as the 1A Nevada state player of the year. He played Division II college basketball earning 1st team all conference and All-American honors. After college, Trevor  dabbled with playing professionally in Germany before deciding to hang them up and move onto a new phase in his life. This decision left Trevor with a void in his life, which he tried to fill with traditional weight lifting, men's leagues, etc, but ultimately found himself bored, until he found CrossFit in 2008. CrossFit satisfied that competitive desire to challenge himself both mentally and physically. Trevor loves the camaraderie that develops with CrossFiters and the respect that develops between the athletes. He believes that becoming a CrossFit athlete does more then just put you in excellent overall shape, it changes your way of life; testing you both mentally and physically everyday, but more importantly giving you a since of confidence that is undeniable. 

Outside of the last 15 years spent training in weightlifting and plyometrics, Trevor is CrossFit level I & level II certified, and holds Specialty certifications in area of Gymnastics, Mobility, and Kids. He also holds his USA Weightlifting

Certification and is a OSAA certified coach and has his K-12 teaching credentials. 

Bethany Exline - Owner, Nutrition Support

Bethany was the daughter of a football and wrestling coach from a very prestigious program. She learned at a young age what it is to be dedicated, determined, and hardworking. She played high school volleyball for one of the elite high school programs in the state of Oregon. Winning a 6A State Title on their way to an undefeated season. Bethany considered playing college volleyball, but made the decision that after all the sacrifices, she just wanted to enjoy being a college student. For about ten years, Bethany was in and out of the gym, dabbling with different fitness programs, but always struggled with the time commitments required away from her family for suspect fitness results. In the Spring of 2012, Bethany fell in love with CrossFit. Her fitness gains have been borderline spectacular often times out lifting her male counterparts, but even more important to Bethany she had the ability to train with her entire family. She loves the fact that CrossFit is not all about her, but instead something the whole family can enjoy and benefit from.

Though CrossFit, nutrition became Bethany's second passion. First she learned to cook with real food, eating Paleo. Second, she learned how to encompass Paleo with the Zone. Bethany has mastered this nutrition for her and her family, but always geeks out on new ideas and information. The art and the challenge for her was and is cooking for picky kids and while maintaining a crazy lifestyle. Bethany loves to share her knowledge and experience with others to aid them in rethinking and restarting what proper nutrition is.

Ally Turner - Trainer

Ally has been CrossFitting since 2012. Prior to discovering the world of CrossFit, Ally played soccer and ran for the track and field team for 6+ years in Banks. Her desire and focus has always been to become the best athlete and leader possible; so when Ally discovered CrossFit, she knew she was right where she needed to be. 

Since then, Ally has taken Anatomy and Physiology, Health and Conditioning, and Athletic Training classes at George Fox University to help her better understand the human body and proper function. 

Ally is CrossFit Level-1 certified, and has been coaching classes at BCF CrossFit since 2013. Her main focus as a coach is to teach athletes how to move properly and more efficiently, as well as how to be the healthiest version of themselves as possible. She is always looking for ways to be a better coach and a better overall athlete herself. 

Matt DeJesus - Trainer

Matt DeJesus is infinitely passionate about all-things fitness. Hailing from San Francisco, California, his passion for sports and fitness began early on and has stayed with him ever since. He played football and baseball in high school and continued his baseball career playing for Cal State Monterey Bay. In 2009 he was drafted to play Professional Minor League baseball for the Chico Outlaws. Later that year, Matt decided to further his knowledge of sports and weight training by joining the Strength and Conditioning team for the San Diego State University Athletic Department.

Throughout the span of several years, Matt has gained extensive experience in weight lifting, CrossFit and general fitness. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Nutrition and Wellness. He is certified through a multitude of fitness categories, including:

National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS)
CrossFit (Level 1)
TRX Group Training
The Attitude Nation Level 1 Olympic Lifting

Matt's goal is to empower others to reach their highest potential. He loves nothing more than seeing people achieve their goals. When he isn't immersed in the realm of fitness, Matt enjoys producing music and beats, specifically in the genre of Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap and EDM. 

Megan Bailey- Trainer

Growing up Megan was very active and always conscious of living a healthy lifestyle. She played multiple sports, focusing mostly on volleyball throughout high school.

After high school Megan got married, moved to San Diego, and started college (for Accounting) at a local community college. Shortly after, she took a break from school to reevaluate out what her career path would be. In the mean time she worked for a Chiropractor helping patients with hot/cold and stem therapy after their adjustments. This was her "ah-ha" moment.

After doing a lot of research, she came across the National Personal Training Institute in Portland, OR and signed up. This program covered all aspects of training such as anatomy, physiology, postural analysis, nutrition, and much more. After graduating in 2011, Megan interned at the school helping with the practical portion of class.

Once moving back to San Diego, Megan got her CrossFit level 1 in April of 2012. She was the assistant coach at CrossFit 760 in Carlsbad, CA. There, she was in charge of the Elements program, as well as coaching regular CrossFit classes. In the Elements program she broke down and taught the basic fundamental movements of CrossFit, preparing the CrossFit "newbies" for regular classes. Her greatest joy is to teach clients how to move as efficiently as possible, how to properly fuel their bodies, and to help them reach their goals in fitness and in life.

After relocating back to Oregon for the final time in August of 2013, Megan received her CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting certification. Megan is currently coaching at Lane 5 CrossFit in Eugene, OR and is very excited to be a part of the BCF CrossFit community!

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