Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Your Trainers Schedule...

Hey Guys,

We have had a couple members mention that it would be nice to know who is teaching what classes. So when you guys ask you shall receive:)...Granted we sometimes switch shifts if something comes up, sick, vacation, etc but at least you guys have an idea what our schedule will be through October.

6:00      Trevor           Ally                   Trevor           Ally                   Trevor                  Ally or Trevor
8:00      Trevor                                     Trevor                                     Trevor
9:00      Trevor          Ally                    Trevor           Ally                   Trevor
3:30 (Kids) Trevor                               Trevor                                     Ally
4:30      Ally              Trevor                Ally              Trevor                Ally
6:00      Ally              Trevor                Ally              Trevor                Ally
7:15      Ally              Trevor                Ally              Trevor

A couple of photos from a LONG TIME AGO:)

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