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A Quick Thought From the Couch...

As a coach, I try to read something new everyday but with the big house project push last month I have been sorely missing my fifteen minutes, so this morning I forced myself to stop and I came across this article from one of my old coaches. His point hit home because as an athlete I am nursing a sore back today and it relates to the point he is trying to make. It wasn't the 5RM attempt that got me but rather the last rep on the last set with the lighter weight. Read on for my point...

"One of my lifting cues when I am coaching is, put down the bag of potato chips and get off the couch. What in the world does that have to do with weightlifting? I mean, the lifter is obviously not at home on the couch with a can of soda and pringles. It means don’t be lazy when lifting. Often I see a lifter miss a sub-maximal weight that I know they can get, that they have done before. They are just being lazy. We are all guilty of this. Not forcing the hips down, not completely finishing the pull, not totally committing to the catch. Just being a little lazy, a little complacent.

The time to train yourself to get off the couch is with the very first lift. And every lift after. Remember, you don’t perform up, but rather you perform down to the level of your training. In other words, train the way you fight. You want to ingrain total commitment to each and every lift into your very being. And the way to do that is to make every lift a PR effort. Get off the couch, don’t get lazy."

Give it a try!