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Wednesday April 2, 2014


Ring Dip
Ascending Ladder by 2's

3 x 20 GHD Back Extensions


12:00 minute Tabata
Goblet Squats (70/53/44) & (44/35/26)
T2B or 4 x Mountain Climbers
Ball Slams (20/14)

Spouses Working Together...CrossFit Therapy:)

This is actually a group of Three!! Can you spot the third? You have to look close, she has been working hard and is doing awesome at keeping healthy and vibrant.

Always smiling...You can't keep these two down no matter what we throw at them:)

Although these two are so fast their blurry they actually didn't have the fastest time of the day!

That honor goes to Steve and Kevin...Nice work gentlemen!

Dana got the privilage of teaming up with the "Buxton Beast"

 See In-laws really can get along:)

Ally...Erika told me that she did all the work for this team! Just in case you see her in your class soon:)