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🔥Topic: The CrossFit Open @ BCF

The CrossFit Open is rapidly approaching and is going to be one of the most-fun Opens within our community, yet!

What You Need to Know

You might be thinking, “Isn’t The Open usually in February? 🤔” In the past, yes, it has been. CrossFit HQ announced some big changes earlier this year, you can read about them here: http://www.bcfcrossfit.com/2019/01/january-2019-hot-topic-how-crossfit.html

The upcoming CrossFit Open starts October 10th. We will have four intramural teams competing against each other. A draft will determine your team placement. You do not need to sign-up for The Open through CrossFit HQ in order to compete at our box, but we encourage you to, because something about that $20 entry fee quite often brings out a whole new side of your inner-athlete.

A Facebook-live team draft event will occur September 29th at 3pm. In randomized order, team captains will draw each round for placement from two jars. All RX athlete names will go in one jar, and all scaled athlete names will go in another jar. AM/PM athletes will be different colors so we can divide everyone up to truly have mixed teams.

Each team has a set of co-captains. These athletes have been pre-selected and are:
  • Tonya Kelley & Jessi Holycross
  • LaGrand Davis & Blake Wandell
  • Tony Sanchez & Sarah Burley
  • Andrew Downey & Jaala Brooks

The Catch

After draft day each team will be given a set amount of athletes to recruit. These will be athletes who’ve not yet signed up to partake in The Open at our box. Recruits will be placed directly onto the team they’ve been recruited to. Once all recruits on all teams have been filled, more recruit openings will be released. This will continue to happen through October 14th. Recruiting will be closed as of 5pm on October 14th.


Placement Score

Each team will earn points based on placement. As long as you complete the workout each week (within The Open’s time frame of Thursday after the announcement to 5pm on Monday) you will earn your team 1 point. However, you will earn more points based on your placement in the standings. 
  • There will be 2 divisions: Scaled and Masters. It doesn’t matter if you are female/male, masters or not - you will be placed based on if you did the workout Scaled or Rx.
    - If we have 5 athletes, the top place would get 5 points and the last place would get 1 point. 
  • ***Only your first attempt of each week’s WOD will count towards your team’s score.***
  • ***You must hand a score card in. No card = no points!***

Spirit of the Open

The Spirit of the Open is given to someone who demonstrates determination, positive encouragement, conquers a new movement, and/or someone who just stands out that week. On Friday classes only, individual athletes can recommend someone to the coach. You may not nominate yourself. 😜 Athletes are responsible for telling their coach who they’d like to nominate - coaches are not being required to remind their classes! Your coaches will then be responsible for texting Bethany the name they heard the most, and bonus points will be awarded. 


  • Last day to sign up: September 28th
  • Draft day: September 29th @ 3pm*
    *time subject to change
  • Recruiting begins: September 30th
  • The Open begins/Last day to recruit/be recruited: October 14th
  • Last day of The Open: November 11