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🔥Topic: Psych Buddy Poster Wall for The Open Finale

- for “The Open” finale -

To wrap up BCF’s inaugural intramural CrossFit Open, we are assigning everyone a Psych Buddy! A Psych Buddy is someone who is encouraging and psychs you up to do your best and have fun while doing it! Buddies will be assigned regardless of teams and ability. The goal here is to hit the camaraderie hard at the end of The Open. Please have fun with this, and please make a sign for your buddy! If you don’t know your buddy, ask a buddy about your buddy! :) 

The Rules:

  1. Use only the materials provided!
  2. No 3D objects… your poster must remain two dimensional!
  3. Max size 9x11 (paper provided)
  4. Absolutely NO GLITTER!!!!!
  5. Please keep it PG-13 (or less). 
  6. To affix your poster to the wall, use painter’s tape only (provided).
  7. Posters go on the white wall inside the front door (wall on your left). 
Buddies will be randomly assigned on Sunday the 20th (this Sunday) - Coach Jenn will be notifying you of who you’ve been assigned. You will not know who got your name. Supplies will be out no later than October 21st. You are welcome to create your Psych Buddy’s poster at the box or take supplies home, but please clean up after yourself! 

Please have your posters done and up on the wall no later than November 7th - that allows us a full “week” of The Open to enjoy them. :)