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🔥Topic: Holiday News 🎄

Christmas Party

BCF’s Christmas party will be on Saturday December 14th at 6pm, and we are keeping it adults only. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share - we will provide water, plates, bowls, napkins and silverware.

In true BCF holiday party tradition we’ll have the annual Gift Exchange. Please keep the cost at $20 per gift (or less) and purchase a gift that you would want to receive!

Please BYO: chairs and beverages.
Please bring to share: a side dish or dessert.

Scotty Foundation Giving Tree

“Our core belief is that everyone, regardless of age, can positively impact the life of a child.”

This holiday season BCF is partnering up with the Scotty Foundation to bring toys to children in foster care.

“Each year thousands of children are placed in foster care. Foster parents do receive financial assistance to cover a foster child's basic living necessities, but there are no extra funds given to these families during the holiday season. Not only can this result in a financial hardship for the foster family, it can also deny a child who has known only pain and neglect, the childhood magic of the holidays. The children placed in foster homes may have never opened a gift waiting for them under a tree on Christmas morning. It is through the generosity of others that we are able to support these foster homes/children during the holiday season.”

The week of Thanksgiving our “Giving Tree” will be going up at the box. Tags will be hung from the tree branches with the name of a foster child on one side and their gift suggestion on the other side. Feel free to pick and choose, but please do not take a tag you won’t fulfill. 

The deadline is December 6th.

Once you purchase the item, please do not wrap it, but follow these steps:
  1. Put it in a paper or plastic grocery bag
  2. Affix the gift tag you took from the tree to the bag handles
  3. Put it under the tree (or a TBD location) at the box

We are very excited to have a Christmas tree at the box this year! A few requests- please do not let your children touch the tree or remove anything from it.

‘Yeah Dude Racing’ Toy Drive

‘Yeah Dude Racing’ has placed their annual toy drive box out at BCF for the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The donation box is already under the computer near the front door - please leave your gift(s) unwrapped. A wish list is taped to the front of the box. 

Deadline is December 19.