CrossTown ThrowDown

Here is how it works...This will be a 2-day competition with each box traveling one day. There will be a total of four WODS and a finals WOD spread out over the weekend. It’s an individual competition with division winners BUT there is a twist! This is a box competition as well so each person's score regardless of division or placing will count towards their box score; Literally every athlete’s score matters and will contribute to their box! At the end of the weekend, all the points will be tallied up and we will crown a box champion for 2016 as well as individual division champs. The winning box will take home a one of kind hand-crafted CrossTown ThrowDown Champion Trophy and division winners will take home some awesome gift baskets. Each year the winning box will take home the trophy for the year to display just how awesome their community was in 2016.

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