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BCF Black Friday - Over 15% off all SFH Products!

BCF Black Friday

Here’s your first week of “BCF Hot Deals” This week we are highlighting our SFH products! 

Here’s how it works:
Email me at bexlinebcf@gmail.com or Message me your order by Thursday at midnight. If we have the items in stock you’ll get it on Monday. If we run out you’ll have it by end of the week! It’s ok to purchase these items for yourself, or as a gift! 

Get ready...all SFH products are OVER 15% off

Recover - $62 (save $12)
Fuel-$45 (save $9)
Push- $45 (save $9)
Pure- $41 (save $8)
Women’s Fish Oil - $50 (save $9)
Fish Oil Liquid- $45 (save $9)
Fish Oil Capsules- $37 (save $ 7)
Strong - $41 (save $8)

More details and posts will be coming out soon!

Enjoy! -B