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🔥Topic: Barbell Etiquette


Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to load and unload a barbell? 

As you’re increasing weight on the barbell please always have the heaviest plates on the inside. Yes, unfortunately this means sometimes having to completely deload the bar to replace that weight with a larger plate. 

For unloading the first side, please lift the barbell slightly off the ground and push the plates off and away from you. Unloading the other side gets much easier by simply standing the barbell up and letting the plates slide off. 

Please avoid as best as possible having a lot of skinny plates on the bar. For example, once you’re increasing weight from having a 15 and 10 next to each other, it’s time to replace those plates with a 25. 😀

Did you know you’re defeating the purpose of using clips at all, by not putting them tight to the plates?

Clips help the plates stay in place, and minimize a weight-shift while a lift is being performed. Get those clips as tight to the plates as you can! The rounded side of the clips should be facing away from the plates. This allows the plates to snuggle a little harder.

If you’ve ever almost thrown an adult tantrum trying to get clips on or off a barbell, don’t worry, you’re not alone. To easily slide clips on or off a barbell, simply pinch the handles together with one hand and use your other hand to guide the collar on/off the bar.

Did you know there is a preferred order and amount of plates per rack along the ski erg wall?

Did you know every time coaches hear an empty barbell hit the floor, we die a little bit inside?

Jokes aside, an empty barbell coming into abrupt contact with the floor should be avoided at all costs. Every time an empty barbell is dropped, the inner workings of it do die a little bit. Please help us as best as you can maintain the integrity of our equipment!

If you did not know these things... now you do! 😀 


On the topic of keeping equipment germ-free, please do not directly spray the equipment with cleaner, but rather spray a towel and then wipe the equipment down. This is particularly important with barbells, if cleaning sprays get into the bearings it will destroy the bars.