"A Community that SWEATS Together, STAYS Together."

We want to provide a safe, encouraging, and positive environment for adults, kids, and athletes of all ages to learn, improve, and reach their health and fitness goals. Most importantly we want to be a place that people leave healthier and happier than when they walked in.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 8 week Nutrition Course

My Results in 9 Months
If only losing weight and gaining muscle was as easy as 1-2-3...Unfortunately we all know too well how that goes.  
After gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience through my own struggles I have come to learn that you can't eliminate foods you love and have lasting results. Eventually you binge, get frustrated, quit, and then re-start on "Monday" creating a perpetual cycle of destruction. Watching people become consumed with this struggle is why we have created this program. My goal during this process is to help you learn how to fuel the engine, enjoy social eating and most importantly love your body. Because in the end, that is what makes lasting results!

Moderation in everything is a healthy way to live.  "Flexible dieting", "IIFYM" (If It Fits Your Macros) teaches us how to live a life where we can understand moderation, and gives us guidelines for fueling our body through macro nutrients (Protein, fats, and carbs).

Take a chance to change the way you look at food for good, and find a way of life that is sustainable. You will build a "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" and live a lifestyle that you can enjoy for years to come!  

Start Up Meeting

On Sunday, August 26th, there will be a Facebook live informational meeting starting at 6pm.

This Meeting will Cover: 

  • Introductory info on Macros
  • Expectations
  • Bod Pod add on
  • Answer questions 
Then we start your journey September 3rd with individual meetings. 

Spots are limited so sign up today!

 8 week Course


  • 8 Weeks of Unlimited Crossfit classes at BCF Crossfit (for non- members only)
  • 1 on 1 personal prep meeting
  • Nutritional support including recipes, snacks and dessert ideas
  • Bi-weekly check-ins (4 total)
  • Private Facebook group
  • Macro adjustments as needed
  • Group Meal Prep Class
  • Bod Pod  (Additional $50)

For More Details

Contact Alise at 509.430.2811 or enriquezbcf@gmail.com to see if this program is right for you!

Here are what previous Healthy Body, Healthy Mind athletes have said:

"Doing the nutrition program with Alise really helped me to understand macro counting. It can be overwhelming at first. Meeting with her and having her support throughout the 8 weeks made it so much easier and more enjoyable. She shares delicious recipes, tips, and tricks. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is just starting out and needs the help and accountability."

"Macros can seem very daunting when you first begin. Alise's guidance was invaluable. She not only asked about weight loss but my appetite. This helped us figure out the best percentages for me to reach my goals. She also had great ideas for meals and snacks."