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Monthly Hot Topic!

What kinds of things should you be carrying in your gym bag? For the next few weeks, we’ve decided to “unpack” our gym bags and talk about each of the products all athletes need to have and why!

This week we’re talking about Hand Care! At BCF, we have WOD REPAIR Products available to purchase. We have 4 different items to help you keep your hands healthy through the wear and tear of everyday CrossFit WODs.

1. Maintenance: A daily post workout moisturizer that helps to maintain healthy hands and callouses and helps prevent rips. It’s filled with Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil.

2. Rapid Repair: A post workout moisturizer that helps to soothe torn hands and helps speed up the healing process. For rips, apply several times daily until healed.
3. Razor and Pumice Stone: These two items are all about keeping your hands healthy on a daily or weekly basis. The Pumice Stone is great for smoothing out rough hands, and the Razor is great for shaving down callouses that have gotten too big.

4. Hand Elixir: This is a first response spray for fresh wound and abrasions. It helps to heal the affected area without the burn like generic antiseptic sprays. It helps to stop bleeding, soothes irritated tissue, cleans wounds and helps to spend up the healing process.