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Power Monkey Fitness 2-Day Certification

We have a fantastic opportunity with Power Monkey Fitness to work with professional coaches Dave Durant and Mike Cerbus in a clinic hosted by US at BCF Crossfit! This 2-day clinic, Saturday June 16th and Sunday June 17th will focus on gymnastic movements as well as Olympic lifts: clean and jerk and snatch.

As per Power Monkey website:

“Drills and technique used in their own training, their CrossFit athletes’ training, and with Team Power Monkey will be introduced to you and put into practice to maximize your movements and efficiency for WODs. Clients of all levels of experience will benefit from this opportunity to be coached by professionals with deep knowledge of weightlifting and gymnastics and their transfer to CrossFit.“

Cost breakdown:

Full weekend- $400

4-hour specialty class- $150

-Each specialty are listed below-

  • Handstand 
  • Muscle up 
  • Clean and jerk
  • Snatch 

You can visit their website for more details and to learn more about the coaches you will get to work with! 

If you have any questions, please contact Trevor Exline - exlinebcf@gmail.com or 971-295-7511