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Wednesday December 4, 2013....Member of The Month


1 x 20 Back Squat
4 x Max Effort Ring Dips

7 Rounds
7 B.W. DL
7 Toes to Bar

By Bri Springer

Wishing Coach Laura good luck this weekend at the Oregon City CrossFit Competition! Saturday she will be doing 3, hopefully 4 workouts.

The first is: 8 min AMRAP 10 OHS 45# and 10 Burpee over bar. Second: 8 mins to establish heaviest complex of: 1 Clean, 2 Front Squats, 1 Jerk. Third: 10 min AMRAP 40 squats, 20 pull-ups, 10 deadlifts at 105#. The final workout will be a surprise.

If you see her around the gym be sure to say good luck! CrossFit competitions are extremely fun, exciting, and overall inspiring. The same encouragements we receive from each other at our gym are multiplied when you are competition. As a competitor I know how much it means to have your gym’s support when you do compete at local competitions, and even if you can’t go out to Oregon City to cheer Laura on, make sure to be sending her positive encouragements as she goes into this weekends competition! Laura is an amazing athlete and I’m so excited for her to go compete. She’s going to rock the event.

Member of the Month: Angela Vandehey 

Angela was one of the first members I became friends with here at BCF. She is an amazing athlete and has a true passion for CrossFit. She is fun to be around and a positive influence on everyone in all the classes she attends. Us coaches definitely spend some time telling her to quiet down when were explaining stuff, but that’s just her spreading joy around the gym. Her character is sweet and sassy. She is a 5:45AM regular class member, which is impressive! Especially when you see how enthusiastic she is at this time in the morning!

Angela started CrossFitting in August of 2012, after trying the boot camps and curves classes. She has a passion for running, and so far CrossFit is the only thing she has found to match that endorphin high. She loves that it is challenging, yet motivating. Beyond the physical aspects she has found that fellowship with other CrossFitters is amazing! Angela says she has a long way to go with weight loss, but even when she doesn’t see huge losses on the bathroom scale, it’s encouraging to see weights increasing on the bar. I can personally say that since I met Angela her body shape has changed, and her overall functional fitness has skyrocketed. She is constantly striving to Rx workouts and PR lifts.

CrossFit’s core ideology is not to be specialized but having the ability to be good at everything. Coach Greg Glassman founder of CrossFit says, “I want to be the jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Specialization is for insects. I’m looking for breadth of experience, and anyone who is at all wise realizes that being a specialist represents a compromised position.” He describes a person who can run a 4 minute mile cannot efficiently squat and a person who can squat 900 pounds cannot hardly run, “What a 4-minute mile implies is that you’ve whittled away enough body mass that you’re no longer strong by anyone’s estimation. And by the point that you can do a 900-pound back squat-brother, you even walk funny. And to see you run is laughable.” Angela is an all around CrossFit athlete. She is strong in her lifts and an incredible runner.

Angela is setting an example for her family to live by and inspiring them to be fit, healthy, and happy. Angela is a CrossFitter I admire and a woman that inspires me to be a better person and athlete. 

The Only Way The Coaches Can Hold This FireCracker Back:)