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Monday March 3, 2014


1 RM
OH Squat



Thrusters (95/65)

I love 1 RM and Bench Mark Days because you get to see all of the athletes hard work and dedication pay off! Take for instance Dina..This morning she strung together her first sequenced DU's. Dina has a had a rough month with some unforseen setbacks that have kept her from training as hard as she would have liked, yet she still has made efforts to come in and work on whatever she can and consequently this morning she got her first DU's. We have had big PR's through out all of the classes this morning and not just by new members. We are talking about members that have been with us for well over a year hitting 15 and 20 pound PR's. I will also say these are members that have been very consistent and are continually pushing!! There is a pattern to all of these athletes success. Hardwork and consistency = success...Bottom line is if you want the results you have to earn them!