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2nd Annual BodPod Testing Coming Back Next Week For Three Days Only

We are having the Bod Pod out for three days next week starting Thursday June 12th. We will then have it back out three months later to test again and see your results. Our members really liked using it last year and we are excited to have the opportunity to use it again. For those of you that have no idea what I'm talking about, the Bod Pod is one of the most scientifically accurate methods to test your body composition (Muscle Mass & Body Fat percentages). It is used by athletes, scientists, doctors, and the military around the world. The margin of error for these machines are less then 2% where as a majority of the other methods our there (pinch test, scales, tape, etc) vary anywhere between 8% & 20%. If you truly want to be able to track your results this is the way to go. If you have any questions or to get signed up, please contact us or chat with us after class.


3 Pause P.C.



9 - PC
6 - Front Rack Lunges
3 - Shoulder to OH