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Tuesday June 24, 2014 (Don't Forget How Good It Feels To Sweat)


4 x 4 Partner Sand Bag Carry


KB Breathing Ladder

Summer is a great time of year! It brings about great weather, vacations, long days and beautiful evenings. It can also play havoc on your training. We can easily find ourselves writing off a day hear or there and then a vacation comes around and we lose a week. Then we decide we will get back into the swing of things at the start of the month and then that date gets moved to the fall when things slow down. Don't let all of your hard work slip away! A programmed rest week is great for everyone but make sure you plan it carefully and don't forget how good it feels to sweat. Today was my first day back after five days off and at first I thought maybe my brain and body got separated somewhere between the California and Oregon border. But as the music went up and I got lost in the battle everything fell back into place. As I fell to the floor, I was flooded with all the wonderful emotions accompanied with completing a WOD. The instant injection of positive emotions and feeling great knowing that today I got a little better! So if you have missed a couple days, a week, or a couple of weeks don't make the mistake of pushing it off another day. Carve an hour out for yourself and get your butt back in here. Most importantly don't forget how good it feels to sweat!