Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Louisa (Rockin 45)

Louisa's loving daughter and one of our favorite BCF trainers asked us to program a special WOD for her mom's 45th Birthday. So here it is:)

2 rounds celebrates two years as a CrossFit athlete x 45 reps or Cal celebrates forty five years of hanging tough and making it look easy!

2 Rounds

45 Cal Bike or Row
45 Ab Mat Sit-Ups
45 Push-Up / Pull up Total (Can Break Them Up However You Choose)


4 x 10 Barbell Walking Lunge (5R/5L)
4 x 6 Bench Press

*Scale Back by using DB's or KB's

Centered Below With Some of Her 6:00am Cronies and Her Loyal Companions...Happy Birthday Louisa!

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