Friday, May 30, 2014

Let Out the Inner Funk, Seating for Your Butt, Parking and of Course Todays WOD...

Hey Guys,

We are super excited for tomorrows event and thank you for all of your support! The entire Rizzo family has been blown away by everything. For tomorrows event, please have some fun and sport pink in anyway you feel comfortable. This is your chance to let your inner funk out:)...Please bring a chair to observe the festivities, enjoy your lunch, Italian ice cream and eye the awesome raffle and auction prizes that will be available.

When you arrive there will be VOLUNTEER parking attendants to help guide you to a parking spot, so please be NICE and let them help us keep things organized!

The heats will be sent out this evening, but it is not to late to get signed up and there will WODS available for people of all fitness levels to partake in. REMEMBER this is about showing your support for Staci and the Rizzo family and not about us judging your fitness level, so come out participate enjoy the beautiful weather and the entertainment.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

The Exline's


9 Minute EMOM

Ring Stations

Ring Dips
Ring Ball Ups
Ring Push Ups


"Lucky 7"
7 Rounds
7 Jumping Lunges
7 Ball Slams
7 Wall Balls
7 Box Jumps
7 Mountain Climbers
7 Shoot Throughs
7 Air Squats

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