Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday May 22, 2014


Ascending OTM - For 8 Minutes
Odd - HSPU
Even - Ring Dips




Sit Ups

Post Murph Ice Party

The Gregg's would like to invite everyone (including families) to their back yard on Friday after classes as a post Murph get together. We will have plenty of Ice and baggies as well as beverages and light snacks. Come any time after 5:30pm. For more information on the address, etc. Please check your email or talk to the trainers at the box.

We hope to see you there!
Mark and Bobbie Gregg

Murph is only one day away! We can't wait to see how everyone does this year! Remember to come with lots of liquids and a great attitude! It's about having fun and honoring those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. You don't have to put down the worlds best time! SO RELAX and we will see you guys tomorrow!

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