Sunday, May 19, 2013

“Get Fit Challenge 2013”

First Weeks Details

The $10 buy-in and $50 Pod payment is due by Wednesday, May 22nd, unless prior payment arrangements have been made.
You are responsible for taking a picture of yourself this week. Please make sure you wear form fitting attire for the before and after photos. The winner may be asked to provide us both pictures, so be decent (Ryan and Josh)J

Monday, May 20th – Challenge Begins

·         Strength  - 1RM Deadlift

·         WOD - Max Pull-ups and 1000m Row

·         Pod Testing starts at 5pm

o       Wear form fitting attire, the less you wear the more accurate the results will be.

 Tuesday, May 21st

·         Strength – 1 RM Press

·         WOD – 4 Rounds (200m run, 10 Power Cleans, 10 Push-ups)

·         Pod Testing available during class times
Wednesday, May 22nd

·         Strength – 1 RM Back Squat

·         Pod Testing available during class times

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