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A Little Encouragement...

Extreme 6 Challenge Participants…

We have successfully finished our first week of the Challenge and are now heading into our second!! (For those of you who have never done Paleo and/or Zone before, this is a HUGE accomplishment, and you should be VERY proud of yourselves!)

We’ve ransacked our refrigerators, gotten rid of all (or close to all) of the man-made and processed foods, and swapped them out for REAL food. Though it was a tough transition (especially the first few days!), almost all of us are seeing the positive effects Paleo and/or Zone is having on us. We feel better, have more energy, sleep better, work harder, are happier, are better athletes, are HEALTHIER and we’re improving our overall wellness! And ON TOP of all this, we are also lowering our chances of sickness and disease!!

Yes, I know, it’s been rocky. For some of us it’s been more than just rocky. But when we remember all the positives that come with working hard in the box AND eating the right foods, then we see that it’s worth the pain!

Keep up the good work guys! You’re all doing so great! I understand just how hard this really is because I’m going through the same thing. So if there are any questions/comments you have regarding the Challenge, I would love to chat with you about it! Trevor and Bethany have some really great tips, recipes, etc. and I know they would love to talk with you about them too! We’re here for your guys’ support, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

See you all in the box!