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Something Fun For The Holidays...Thanks Bri:)

Bri Springer

25 Day’s of Burpees Challenge!

Christmas is right around the corner, and I challenge you to celebrate with me! Starting on December 1st I will be starting a countdown to Christmas, with everyone’s favorite movement, burpees! So here’s how it goes, December 1st you will do 25 burpees, on the 2nd 24, on the 3rd 23, and so on…

1.      You may do the burpees as part of your warm-up, but if there are burpees in a workout you cannot count them. 
2.      Yes, you have to do them on weekends and rest days.
3.      If you skip a day you still have to do that amount of burpees; so, on the 10th day you skip the 9th day you have to do 19 burpees.

Why burpees?
            Burpees are a full-body exercise. Burpees will cause you to burn lots of calories, while you gain strength and endurance. The great part about burpees is you can do them anywhere and everyone can do some type of modification of them. Around the holidays we all have the tendency to eat a little differently and spend a few more hours lying on the couch than usual, so take just a few minutes out of your day this December and join me in some burpees! I will have a challenge sign-up on the board. If you make it all the way through I might have a reward for you…

Happy Holidays! 

We will set aside a section of the whiteboard on Monday for anyone that wants to particpate with us in this little Holiday treat. - Trevor