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We want to provide a safe, encouraging, and positive environment for adults, kids, and athletes of all ages to learn, improve, and reach their health and fitness goals. Most importantly we want to be a place that people leave healthier and happier than when they walked in.

2013 "Get Fit" Challenge Results

Total Transformation

Our WINNER...for the 2013 "Get Fit" Challenge is Susie Jurgensen with a 9%  body transformation! Congratulations Susie, your hard work and dedication to both your nutrition and fitness have resulted in your outstanding results! We are thrilled at your achievement and will be keeping our fingers crossed that you will be the winner of the Portland Area 90-Day Challenge (TBA). 

Check out Susie's amazing results in 90 days!

2nd Place: Julie Cantu - 8.8%
3rd Place: Crystal Johnson - 8.2%
4th Place: Lori Vandehey - 6.6%
5th Place: Angela Vandehey and Shannon Moss - 5.4%

Fitness Testing Results

Finally a little relaxation, without any WOD's:)

Boys... your results are busting at the seams:)

1000m Row

Randy -40 sec.
Susie - 38 sec.
Greg -24 sec.
Shannon -23 sec.
Bethany -21 sec.
Bobbi -21 sec. 
Sheri -18 sec.
Crystal -17 sec.
Tammy -17 sec.
Mike -15 sec.
Angela -14 sec.
Roger -13 sec.
Chris -12 sec.
Theresa -12 sec.
Dina -9 sec.
Lisa -5 sec.
Trish -5 sec.

Back Squat

Melissa +100lbs
Greg +70lbs
Trish +15lbs
Angela +5lbs
Sheri +10lbs
Tammy +10lbs
Theresa +10lbs


Lori +60lbs
Evelyn +50lbs
Susie +45lbs
Greg +40lbs
Crystal +40lbs
Shannon +35lbs
Julie T. +25lbs
Angela +20lbs
Bethany +20lbs
Bobbi +20lbs
Dina +20lbs
Melissa +20lbs
Tammy +20lbs
Trish +20lbs
Theresa +20lbs
Lisa +15lbs
Sheri +15lbs
Randy +10lbs
Mike +5lbs

Max Pull-ups

Tammy +17
Trish +15
Lori +12
Randy +11
Mike +9
Crystal +8
Dina +8
Melissa +8
Sheri +8
Theresa +8
Bobbi +7
Roger +7
Julie T. +6
Greg +4
Shannon +4
Angela +3
Susie +3

Strict Press

Randy +40lbs
Greg +25lbs
Melissa +15lbs
Dina +15lbs
Bethany +10lbs
Bobbi +10lbs
Julie T. +10lbs
Tammy +10lbs
Angela +5lbs
Crystal +5lbs
Roger +5lbs
Sheri +5lbs
Chris +5lbs
Theresa +5lbs
Mike +5lbs


4 Rounds 
200m Run
10 Power Cleans (135/95)
10 Push-ups

Mike -3:00
Dina -2:01
Angela -1:29
Crystal -1:23
Lisa -1:22
Randy -1:21
Chris -1:19
Roger -1:09
Bobbi -1:04
Shannon -1:04
Theresa - 1:01
Sheri -48 sec.
Julie -39 sec.
Bethany -38 sec.
Julie T. -21 sec.
Melissa -18 sec.
Tammy -18 sec.
Trish -11 sec.

Congratulations to all participants on your outstanding results! We are incredibly proud of each or your accomplishments!