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We want to provide a safe, encouraging, and positive environment for adults, kids, and athletes of all ages to learn, improve, and reach their health and fitness goals. Most importantly we want to be a place that people leave healthier and happier than when they walked in.

Thursday, March 12th

Athlete of the day: Max Baca
Age: 38
Began CrossFit: August 2014
Normal Class Time: 7:15pm

What is your most recent CrossFit accomplishment? 405 lb Deadlift
What is your dreaded lady or hero WOD? Murph
What are your goals? Mobility
What does your perfect WOD look like? Partner WOD's
Do you have a CrossFit Story? Doing back squats one day, mid squat, I let out a squeaker, everybody stopped and looked my direction.


10 Min. EMOM - 

Even Minute : 3 Heavy B. Squat  
Odd Minute : 3 Heavy Bench Press (Elbows In)


3 mile Loop :)  (Bike: 4 miles. Row: 4,800 meters)