Sunday, October 27, 2013

Extreme 6 Details For Wednsday October, 30th

We are excited about the upcoming challenge and the great turn-out! We have close to fifty people participating, which is going to make for a lot of fun and a great support system. We can't wait to see the results people achieve over the upcoming six weeks. We have been putting the final touches on everyones packet this weekend and will have them ready at the nutrition meeting on Wednesday. Please arrive at the gym promptly at 6:30pm we will begin at 6:40.

For the nutritional meeting you will need:

  • Collapsible chair
  • Notebook & writing utensil
  •  Scale (if possible). We went and purchased ours today at Target for $22.00 but we found them as cheap as $5.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. 

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