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Things to Consider If You Have Hit a Plateau...

Always Keep Driving The Truck Forward…

One of the greatest things about CrossFit is the ability to avoid plateaus. Recently I talked with a few of our members that have been with us for over a year, who are starting to feel like they have hit a plateau. Whether it is a struggle with weight loss, you have hit a block on your PR’s, or you can’t seem to RX that movement, nothing can be more frustrating then feeling like you are standing still. You have to understand it is natural for your growth to slow down after the first six months to a year, BUT that doesn’t mean it should stop. If you are one of these people then start by re-evaluating your goals and your approach. Make sure those goals are achievable and you have short, medium, and long term goals. Most importantly make sure you have a plan in place to accomplish your goals and track your progress. Nothing is going to set you up for failure faster then setting a goal and then having absolutely no idea how you are going to accomplish it. If you have questions about how to do this or have done all of this and are still having troubles then you need to sit down with one of us (Ally, Bethany, Bri, or Myself) so we can analyze your approach and maximize your results.  Then take a minute and be honest with yourself…How has your intensity been lately? Are you really pushing or just going through the motions? How has your consistency been? Far too often we let ourselves settle for “this is as good as I can get”, when CrossFit is designed to always give you things to strive for, which in turn keeps you from plateaus. It’s up to you not to settle and take action, so keep driving that truck forward! 

Lastly I want to talk about the Extreme 6…One of the biggest reasons Bethany and I spend the time to create, organize, and host these health challenges is to provide our members with an extra boost. With all the distractions of life, it gets easy to make excuses for why our health isn’t important. We are too tired after work, kids sports, too expensive to eat right, don’t have the time to cook, etc. All of these are viable excuses, but ask yourself this…what good will that money be if you’re not alive to enjoy it and how long do you want to be around to enjoy your children, grandchildren, etc. We have to take the time to make our health a priority! These health challenges are an opportunity to re-focus. I dare you to try the extreme 6. See if you don’t feel different when you are finished. You never know, you might just make a lifestyle change, but at the very least you will break a couple of plateausJ

Always Keep Pushing, But Be Smart About How You Approach It:)