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Thought you would be getting time off? NOT! Please Read!!

Due to the closure of BCF on Friday and Saturday, special workouts have been created JUST for YOU!

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Friday, May 29th  is an "at Home" workout and consists of:


3 Rounds
30 Russian Twists *Hold some type of object (book, basketball, etc)
Max Effort Plank Hold
30 PERFECT Air Squats


@ Home WOD :)

8 min Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) 
Jumping Lunges **Knees need to touch ground every rep
Diamond Pushups **Hands should make contact w/ BOTTOM of chest

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Saturday, May 30th is a 9:00 am track workout. 

Nick will lead the workout at the Banks Track at 9:00 am- so be there!

Track Ladder 
50m sprint (walk 50m) 
100 m sprint (walk 100m) 
150m Sprint (walk 150m) 
200m sprint (walk 200m) 
250m Sprint (walk 250m) 
300m Sprint (walk 300m) 

Then go back down the ladder :) Post time to comments!

**Any questions about the workouts- please contact Ally. :)  Thank you!