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Thursday, May 14th

1 RM Deadlift Results!
Comment from Trevor:  I'm so proud to see so many PR's.  30!!!  Especially because there are athletes with all types of experience levels that got those PR's.  It's a big kudos to our programming and how hard our athletes work.  It doesn't matter how great the programming is if the athletes don't put the time and work in!


5 x Max Effort Strict Ring Dips
5 x 30 Sec. Max Effort (Back Ext.) *Tally Reps
Scale Back to Super Mans Athlete can't let hands or feet touch the floor and mount a PVC pipe to squat rack for them to touch


4 x 45 Sec. Max Effort Sled Push For Distance
3:00 Minute Rest Between Rounds

*Sleds are Unweighted & Each Section of the box is 20ft