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Important Festivus Update - Please Read

Hello Everyone,

First off, we are thrilled to be a part of the Festivus Games and excited to see each of you in action!

Now for the big news...As some of you may or may not know CrossFit Cimmeria in Gresham is hosting a Festivus event on the 18th as well. In an effort to provide all the athletes from both locations the best experience possible, we have decided to combine our Festivus events. The teams at CrossFit Cimmeria and BCF CrossFit are thrilled to be offering this to all the athletes and we believe it's going to create a phenomenal atmosphere for everyone. With that said, one of the event locations has to be moved so we decided that this year we will be traveling to CrossFit Cimmeria (Gresham) and next year they will be traveling to us.

Outside of the location, nothing else will change. Check-in will begin at 8:00am with the event starting at 9:00am!

We will be encouraging athletes from BCF CrossFit to meet at our box at 7:15am and we will carpool over as a team. All of our trainers will be there as coaches and helping with the event. We will be providing judges as well. Outside of more athletes and the location nothing else will be changing. Any athletes that aren't part of BCF are more then welcome to travel with us or meet us at the new event location. From our box, we are expecting a 30-45 minute commute. If for some reason this just will not work for you, please contact us.

Any questions concerning this event will still go through myself or our BCF Staff.

Super Excited To See All Of You Compete!



New Combined Festivus Location -

CrossFit Cimmeria
2425 NW Birdsdale Ave
Gresham, OR