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Clean Technique


            The clean is an excellent movement to develop strength and power. In order to perform the full clean properly one must posses a certain amount of flexibility to achieve a good bottom position.

When performing the clean or any of our Olympic lifts you must understand that its all about body positioning. If the body is not positioned properly efficiency is lost. Here are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning:

Set Up Position – Butt down chest up! Think of the bottom position of a squat but with the bar on the floor ready to be pulled off the floor.

First Pull – The body basically holds the same position off the floor in the first pull. Keeping the speed of the hips and shoulders the same is critical in order to not lose torso positioning. Make sure to drift the knees back in order to clear the knees of the bar and load the hips for a powerful hip extension.

Second Pull – This is where the violent extension of the hips occur. As the lifter transitions from first to second pull the knees come underneath the bar as the torso angles vertically. The hips then explode towards the bar as the body extends through the ankles, legs, and hips and this creates a contact between bar and body.

Third Pull – Immediately following the second pull the lifter then shrugs the shoulder and bend the elbows vertically as they begin to pull underneath the bar. The speed of the third pull is critical to the lifts success. Focusing on fast elbows around the bar and can help to speed up the third pull.

Common Faults:

Pulling to Fast off the floor – Always slow down the first pull to focus on body positioning.

Early second pull – Having patience with the barbell as you bringing the barbell up the legs into the high thigh region is important when trying to hit the sweet spot.

Be fast – Speed and aggressiveness on the second and third pull is critical to any successful lift. Don’t be afraid get aggressive!