Friday, January 17, 2014

Saturday January 18, 2014

OLY Class: Snatch

Skill Sets

1.Burgner Warm-Up

2.6x3 High Hang Snatches (squat if possible); rest 90 seconds

3.15 mins to work to a heavy one rep snatch.

Strength Sets

1.Complete 30 snatches and 30 burpee over bars as quickly as possible and it is your
choice how you want to break up the snatches and burpees.

2.OHS or Back Squat 3x10. Rest 60 seconds; weight should be light to moderately light and fast.


  1. Did the partner WOD with Heidi. Thanks partner!

  2. How was it? My right knee wasnt up to it today

  3. Thanks Melissa. Fun partner to the WOD with! 476 throw downs, good job!


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