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Something Yummy When You Need A Snack, Easy to Make, Cheap and Won't Leave You Feeling Guilty....Enjoy!

I stole this from one of the affiliates I used to train with in CA. Sam was great at finding yummy snacks...As you can tell by the recipe, Sam cooks similar to me; pinch here, looks about right, maybe a little bit of this, but you also find some of the best stuff that way:)...Enjoy!!

Mix 2 eggs in a bowl. Mix in 2 cans of seafood (tuna, crab, salmon). Add a lot of good mustard and some mayo or something similar. Liberally sprinkle on various spices (pepper, garlic powder, turmeric, parsley, etc) and Tapatio or Tabasco. Stir together. Cook in a saute pan with olive oil on the stove until hot (egg is cooked). Eat half for lunch and stuff the rest into baby sweet peppers which have been halved. You can use regular bell peppers of course, and it’s a little less work, but I find that the sweet pepper to filling ratio is perfect with the babies. Refrigerate and enjoy later. You can use 1 egg and 1 can of tuna for a smaller portion. Feel free to add in sauteed shallots or chopped celery or anything that you think you might like. The baby bells are a nice little snack to have on hand for the quick cravings that kind of sneak up on you and you might have solved once upon a time with some chips or a cookie. Super easy, super cheap, damn tasty.