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To Prove That I Am Still Alive...An Article For You To Ponder On!

I see them all around the gym when the workout has been announced. Intimidated faces, shoulders slouch and eyes hit the floor. Faces that say, “uh oh, this is going to suck”. Or, “I’m horrible at that movement, I’m going to bomb this one.” Or just “F.”

Of course it’s going to suck. They all suck. Name one truly I-just-floated-through-it-like-a-butterfly-in-the-garden easy workout. You can’t. And if you could, everyone is just going to point at you and scream, “sandbagger.”

Ok, so you already know before you even hear the workout that it’s going to suck. You know that there is a good chance that one of your goats is going to be in it. Instead of saying “FML”, you’ve got to say “Screw It” and get your WOD face on.

A WOD face hates intimidation like Elliot Ness hated crime, like everyone hates the rain around April. A WOD face sneers at hardship like that pale blond arrogant snake kid sneered at Harry Potter, like Lennon sneers in “Working Class Hero”. Like…well, you get the picture. Nothing intimidates a WOD face.

Calm yourself, set your face, still your heart. Get that WOD face on. Just by coming into the gym today, you’ve already won. Just by doing the workout, you’re killing it. Just by pushing yourself a little bit, just a tiny bit more than you thought you could, you’ve gotten stronger. You’ve gotten better, you’ve gained. And over the course of a month, a year, 5 years, a lifetime, those little bits of stronger, of better, add up hugely. It doesn’t matter if you ‘bombed’ it, because there is no such thing, there is only a big check mark in the ‘W’ column.

In order to help get your WOD face going, I’ve included some handy examples from the real world. I hope they help you with your WOD face and attitude.

Cute Cuddly Wolverine Pre-Wod Announcement

Wolverine With It's WOD Face On

Sweet little Tasmanian Devil on its way to the gym wearing its favorite sweater 
(or maybe it’s just St Patrick’s Day).

The same Tasmanian Devil about to get after its WOD.

You Guys Get The Drift!!

By Trevor Exline and SamRad