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Drinks and Sweeteners

Drinks that are ok

Herbal Tea
Coconut Water
Fresh Squeezed Fruit and Vegetables

Drinks in Moderation

Caffeinated Teas


Again everyone has a view.... some say alcohol is ok...others say no...and some say

  1.  red or white wine
  2. Nor Cal Margarita 1-2 shots of tequila, squeeze of lime, salt on the glass, soda water
  3. Vodka with a squeeze of orange and soda water
  4. Gin with soda water
  5. and non-sugar beverages you can create
  6. No Tonic Water! Soda water is ok


Some sites said it's ok others said no. I would be very cautious about consuming something that has or may have been altered or created by man. Natural is the way to go.

Other Views on Food and Drinks

Dairy- should mainly be avoided if you suffer from serious gut problems and gluten intolerance but if you're in good health and have no sensitivities to lactose (sugars in milk) or casein (protein in milk) then a little healthy dairy can go a long way. Avoid cow's milk as it's got high GI unlike cheese or yogurt  Betters options are goat's and sheep's milk products, A2 cow's milk and cow's milk fermented products like kefir, unsweetened yogurt, aged cheese, full fat cream, butter, and ricotta.

Natural Sweeteners - honey, maple syrup, molasses, dried fruit, dark chocolate, palm sugar.

Alcohol - dry wines, clean non-grain based spirits

Soy - fermented only (miso, tempeh in small amounts)

Remember how I said this is like having kids...Everyone has an opinion!

This is how I read and view everyone's opinions:

  1. Beer is not Paleo, everyone is consistent on this
  2. Wine is ok, try to only drink dry wine it has less sugar
  3. Hard alcohol is ok if it does not have added sugar, and no mixing with sugary drinks, keep it simple
  4. Dried fruit is tricky, most of them are loaded with sugar, but if you can make dried fruit without sugar, than eat it, if not skip it. In my opinion, do not eat any store bought dried fruit.
  5. If your trying to loose weight, go for the gusto and keep everything very strict, if your are looking for a lifestyle change, then subtract what you can live with.
  6. I agree with this article, http://paleodietlifestyle.com/chocolate-coffee-alcohol/ 

Lastly, as I tell my students everyday, "Just do your best!"

If you have any individual questions please e-mail me:)